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Canadian Spaces
Friday January 6th, 2023 with Teresa Bandrowska
First Canadian Spaces of 2024: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May 2024 bring you Comfort and Joy!
Isobel Gunn - Flesh on Steel - Indie 2009 Canadian
Voice Like A Song
Mike Plume - Born By The Radio - Songharvester 2018 Canadian
Somebody Have `Mercy
Colin James - National Steel - Warner Music Canada 1997 Canadian
Straight and Sober
Nathan Wiley - Bottom Dollar - Sonic Records 2001 Canadian
Down By The Henry Moore
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - Let's Frolic Again - True North 2007 Canadian
Ball & Chain and the Wreckers - Surrender - Indie 2014 Canadian
Le Draveur
Bob Lanois - Snake Road - Cordova Bay Entertainment 2006 Canadian
La Rue Principale
Les Colocs - Les Colocs - Musique BMG 1993 Canadian
Daves I Know
Bruce McCulloch - Shame-based Man - Atlantic 1995 Canadian
Hold Your Ground
James Keelaghan - Then Again - Jericho Beach Music 2004 Canadian
Big North Wind
Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers - The Serious Stuff - Third Wave 2001 Canadian
The Hockey Song
Stompin' Tom - Stompin' Tom and the Hockey Song - Capitol Records 1973 Canadian
My Grandfather's Clock
C.A. and Sonny - The C.A.and Sony Show Vol. 2 - Indie 2023 Canadian
The John Henry's - Sweet As The Grain - 9 Lb Records 2008 Canadian
Land of Milk and Honey
Luther Wright and the Wrongs - Guitar Pickin' Martyrs - Indie 2003 Canadian
Twin Flames - Twin Flames - Indie 2016 Canadian
Perfect Mirror
Serena Ryder - Live At Market Hall - Indie 2002 Canadian
Interview with Peter Rutherford, opening for Stephen Hardy Palmer for "Songs from the Heart of Winter" Saturday, January 13 at 8:00 pm Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Ave. N. at Byron, Ottawa, a Spirit of Rasputins production:
Wishes and Horses
Peter Rutherford - single - Indie 2023 Canadian
Jesus On Main Street
Stephen Hardy Palmer - single - Indie 2023 Canadian
Wendy Farha - You Say - Good Music Canada 2007 Canadian
AllI Do Is Drive
Night Sun - Drive - Borealis 2004 Canadian
Joint Account
Jill Barber (Featuring Slow Leaves) - Homemaker - Indie 2023 Canadian
Don't Know That Much
Jim Cuddy - Skyscraper Soul - Warner Music Canada 2011 Canadian
La Toune D'Automne
Les Cowboys Fringants - L'Amerique Pleure - La Tribu 2022 Canadian
Calgary Round-Up
Coulter Wall - Songs of the Plains - Young Mary Records 2018 Canadian
Maple Shade
Bluestreak - Deep Roots in Red Dirt: A Music PEI Collection - Music PEI 2014 Canadian
Now We Got A Kitchen
Old Man Leudecke - Domestic Eccentric - True North 2017 Canadian
Safe and Sound
Hawksley Workman - For Him and the Girls - Indie 1999 Canadian
Don't Let the Darkness In Your Head
Blue Rodeo - The Things We left Behind - Warner Music Canada 2009 Canadian
Ahead By A Century
The Tragically Hip - Trouble In The Henhouse - Atlantic 1996 Canadian
Swimming Song
Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Rhino 1975 Canadian