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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 11th, 2023 with Anne-Marie
Exploring all corners of the Canadian Folk music genre and celebrating Black History Month.

Interview with OK Naledi about her new album, Bones, and upcoming performance at the NAC Fourth Stage on March 4. As part of Black History Month, 15% of proceeds from Naledi's new single, Interlude, released on Feb 14 on Bandcamp will go to the Black Healing Fund.
Jenny Berkel - Canadian
Second Wife
Olivia Dora - Canadian
The River
Mimi O'Bonsawin - Canadian
Wishing Kasia
Polky - Songs from home Canadian
Walking my baby back home
Antoine Collins - Nature Boy Canadian
Andy Shauf - Norm - antirecords Canadian
The Future is Dead
Ken Yates - Cerulean Canadian
Never Love Another
Summersets - Canadian
Holding it together
Lynn Harrison - Canadian
Love Me The Same
Mike Edel - Casseroles and Flowers Canadian
Holding You
Kellylee Evans - Green LIght EP Canadian
Julian Taylor - Beyond The Reservoir Canadian
Keep Going
OK Naledi - Bones Canadian
INtrlD (Interlude)
OK Naledi - Bones Canadian
Civil Wray - Canadian
Tara MacLean - Canadian
Dans l'Jus
Lisa Leblanc - Chiac Disco - Bonsound Canadian
Fred Dell'Amico - Coffee, Trains and Donuts Canadian
Madame Faielle
Vanier Playboys - Canadian
Moonfruits - Salt Canadian
All This Time Coming
Craig Cardiff - Canadian
Rise Up
Twin Flames - Signal Canadian
Rory Taillon - Drifting Canadian
Chip Song
Jive Wires - Canadian
Interactive CKCU
All Great! OK cool. Happy Valentine's Day!🌹

11:14 AM, February 11th, 2023
Anne-Marie Brugger (host)
So much great music to spin! Thanks for tuning in.

12:00 PM, February 11th, 2023