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Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 24th, 2022 with Anne-Marie
Christmas eve Holiday tunes

Interviews with Jerry Leger and Serena Ryder
Homeless Wassail
Finest Kind - Canadian
Green Christmas 2011
Barenaked Ladies - Green Christmas Canadian
Hobo Christmas Trains
Matt Anderson - Spirit of Christmas Canadian
Silver Bells
Daivd Myles - Canadian
Jimmy Rankin - Tinsel Town - True North Canadian
This Season Will Never Grow Old
Anne Murray - What a Wonderful Christmas - EMI Canadian
By The Glow of the Kerosene Light
The Once - Light Your Window Canadian
Christmas Eve Day
Matt Mays - - Beachfire Music Canadian
Lonely Christmas Eve
Quote The Raven - Canadian
Writing a Letter
Villages - Canadian
Coming Home
The Trews - A Trew Holiday Gift Canadian
Merry Christmas (I Love You)
Hawksley Workman - Almost a Full Moon - Isadora records Canadian
Christmas Without you
Jerry Leger - - Latent Recordings Canadian
Kill It With Kindness
Jerry Leger - Nothing Pressing - Latent Recordings Canadian
The Season To
Krista Hartman - Canadian
Christmas Kisses
Serena Ryder - Canadian
River of Tears
Serena Ryder and William Prince - Canadian
Combien de Noel?
Tricot Machine - Canadian
23 Decembre
Beau Dommage - Canadian
There's A Child
Tara Shannon - Me To You - Willow Sound Recordings Canadian
Winter Lullaby
Jessica Pearson - - Willow Sound Recordings Canadian
Goodnight Irene on NYE
NQ Arbuckle - Last Supper in a Cheap Town Canadian
The Bells Are Ringing
Classified (with Breagh Isabel) - Canadian
Shirley Eikhart - Going Home Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for the music presents. 🎄 ...& SO sorry....

10:22 AM, December 24th, 2022
Wow -- Nice show, Anne-Marie! ... or is it Anne Murray?!

10:57 AM, December 24th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello Anne-Marie What a lovely show this morning, featuring a fantastic variety of music, both English and French. The 23 December is my mother’s birthday—we will celebrate it later as yesterday was quite the day weather wise. All the best of the season, and best wishes for a happy, healthy and more ‘normal’ 2023.

11:33 AM, December 24th, 2022
Anne-Marie Brugger (host)
Thank you for listening. Happy Holidays. Best wishes for a peaceful New Year 2023.

11:58 AM, December 24th, 2022
enjoyed the show very much. Great song choices. Loved Hawksley. Way to hang in there.

1:22 PM, December 24th, 2022