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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 22nd, 2022 with Mike Regenstreif
Lots of music, including The Great Canadian Tour.

Mike Regenstreif hosts this edition of Canadian Spaces featuring 40 minutes of uninterrupted folk and more songs in Hour 1; and The Great Canadian Tour, via songs, in Hour 2. Click on LISTEN NOW to hear this show. Click on LISTEN to hear the current CKCU broadcast.
40 minutes of uninterrupted folk.
Merry Mansion Quadrology: Merry Mansion; Magician; Front Door; Red White & Blue
Humphrey & The Dumptrucks - Six Days of Paper Ladies - Boot Canadian
Going Down the Road
Bruce Cockburn - Rarities - True North Canadian New
Somewhere Later Down the Road
Russ Kelley - Crazy Shades of Blue - Ark Road Music Productions Canadian
Caroline Collins
Hannah Shira Naiman - The Wheels Won't Go - Hannah Shira Naiman Canadian New
The King of Rome
Garnet Rogers - Small Victories - Snow Goose Songs Canadian
Onna Lou - Diamante - Onna Lou Canadian New
Terra Spencer & Ben Caplan - Old News - Terra Spencer & Ben Caplan Canadian New
Main St.
Lynn Miles - We’ll Look for Stars - Must Have Music Canadian
Picture in a Frame
Missy Burgess - Missy Burgess with The Blue Train Live - Missy Burgess Canadian
I Skipped a Stone
Old Man Luedecke - Easy Money - True North Canadian
The Once - The Once - Borealus Canadian
Ball & Chain & The Wreckers - Surrender - Ball & Chain Canadian
The Great Canadian Tour
Great Canadian Tour
Ian Tyson - Ol' Eon - Stony Plain Canadian
Deborah Holland - Vancouver - RageOn Canadian
Chris Rawlings - Campfire - Cooking Fat Music Canadian
The Spell of the Yukon
Hank Snow - Tales of the Yukon - RCA Canadian
James Keelaghan - Second-Hand - Borealis Canadian New
Calgary Song
Michael Earnie Taylor Orchestra - $3 Pants - Laughing Cactus Music Canadian
Girl in Saskatoon
Johnny Cash - Change of Address: The Singles As and Bs, 1958-1962 - Jasmine
Tom Russell - Hurricane Season - Stony Plain
Ontario Moon
Shelley Posen - Ontario Moon - Well Done Music Canadian
Hogtown Blues
Oscar Peterson - Canadiana Suite - Limelight Canadian
Ottawa Lament
Paul Weber - Ode to Gerry Barber - Paul Weber Canadian
Allison Russell - Outside Child - Fantasy Canadian
The Streets of Old Quebec
Bill Staines - Tracks and Trails - Philo
Argyle Street
Steel Rail - Coming Home - Crossties Canadian
Digby Lament
Kevin Head - Hear Them Callin’ - Kevin Head Canadian
St. John’s Waltz
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop - Red Shoes - Borealis Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Ray Harris (host)
Hey Mike1 I like it already! Great stuff lined up! :)

11:56 PM, October 17th, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Ray.

10:39 AM, October 18th, 2022
Hipster Huck
Humphrey and the Dumptrucks! Very cool!

10:08 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Huck.

10:09 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Goin' Down The Road could be my theme song...¶;-)

10:16 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
I'm glad Bruce has finally released it. That song was the theme to a movie from around 1970 or so.

10:21 AM, October 22nd, 2022
bill the shill
I wondered why I did not know it...not that I know much music stuff...which is why I luv The Mighty!¶;-)

10:27 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
John Allan Cameron (who was from Cape Breton, used to sing it back in the day.

10:29 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Paul Mills
Great show, Mike! Wonderful song selection as usual. Believe it or not, “Hogtown Blues” is from the first album I ever produced! I was working for CBC Radio at the time.

11:27 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Paul. Very cool story about Hogtown Blues.

11:29 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Paul Mills
Oops…actually the version you played is not from that album. The one I produced was Oscar and the jazz band Nimmons ‘n Nine Plus Six.

11:34 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Yes, I just checked the credits on that album and it was recorded in 1964 in New York. Still, getting to work with Oscar on your first production was very cool. In 1976, during the Montreal Olympics, Oscar did an extended gig at the club in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and one night I sat in the front, about three feet away from him.

11:41 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Lisa P
Fascinating program! Thanks, Mike!

11:56 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Wonderful show today, Mike! It was especially great to hear an Ottawa song featuring so many beautiful loved landmarks & pieces of living history like Beechwood Cemetery!

11:57 AM, October 22nd, 2022
Hogtown Blues...used to drink in Red Lion across from CBC on Jarvis...Peter Gzsowski sat drinking alone...

12:02 PM, October 22nd, 2022
Mike Regenstreif (host)
Thanks Lisa. Thanks Marla. Thanks again Hillbilly.

12:07 PM, October 22nd, 2022