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Canadian Spaces
Saturday September 24th, 2022 with Anne-Marie Brugger
Speaking with new ED's for OMIC and FMO

Canadian Spaces will speak with Melanie Brulée, the Executive Director of the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition and Rosalyn Dennett, the Executive Director of Folk Music Ontario. We'll be spinning great Canadian folk and indie artists. We'll also hear at least one French song!
Moon Cradle
Moonfruits - Salt Canadian
Ready my heart
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - Canadian
Alysha Brilla - Canadian
Winging It
Colleen Brown - Canadian
Dark Times
Jason Collett - Head full of wonder Canadian
The Way Forward
Marcus Paquin - Canadian
Aysanabee - Canadian
Just Know It
Dan Mangan - Being Somewhere Canadian
Civil Disobedience
Tin Constellations - EP Canadian
Arrows of Hope
Jim Bryson - Country Wifi Canadian
Jadea Kelly - Roses Canadian
Sail Away
Oh My Darling - Canadian
Take My Time
Madeleine Roger - Canadian
Marshall Veroni - Canadian
Upon the Horizons
Villages - Canadian
Melanie Brulee - Canadian
Go Slow
OK Naledi - Canadian
I will rise again
Looee - Canadian
A Little Mercy
Christine Graves - Canadian
Hard On You
Mo Kenney - Canadian
Creaking Pines
Suzie Vinnick - Shake The Love Around Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Anne-Marie Brugger (host)
Thanks for the positive comments everyone! It was great to be back on the air and the tech gods were good to me! xox

12:47 PM, September 24th, 2022