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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday September 17th, 2011 with Chopper, & Tony Copple
Russell Levia, guest

Full of rust
Trevor Alguire - Thirty year run Canadian
A letter home
Sneezy Waters - A letter home Canadian
Soap and water
James Hill - Man with a love song Canadian New
Let your guard down
Ian Clark - Journey to the heart Canadian New
Forgetful baby
Chris Whitely - It's the natural thing to do Canadian
Darlin' (put your suitcase down)
Ray Bonneville - White man's blood Canadian New
Neville Wells - Dancing Alone Canadian
New moon lady
Frank Wheeler - Frank Wheeler Canadian
Prairie Rose
Gary Farrell - Border man Canadian
Sometimes I think I can fly
The Marigolds - That's the state I'm in Canadian
My own devices
Kris and Dee - Still here inside Canadian New
Every living thing
Rod Macdonald - After the war
Amy Thiessen - Give up the fight Canadian New
Wait for me alone
Alfie Smith - Buckshot blues Canadian
Someone to watch over me
Bec and Rusty - Tea for two Canadian
September song
Russell Levia - So Rare Canadian
Over the garden wall
Russell Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
The Rhino song
Russell Levia - Morningtown ride Canadian
Ivory bear
Ian Tamblyn - Walking the bones Canadian
Queen St.
100 mile house - Hollow ponds Canadian
Long brown hair
David Francey - Late edition Canadian New
David Francey - Late edition Canadian New