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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 2nd, 2021 with Mary Gick and Chris White
Wise Atangana

Mary Gick presents '40 minutes of interrupted folk', we play tracks associated with Canadian Spaces founder Chopper McKinnon, and Wise Atangana drops by to share some songs and some information about the Afro-Black Cultural Centre he founded and runs.
Mary Gick presents '40 minutes of interrupted folk' -- "A Zigue sandwich with a Fall theme".
Zigue - Musique du coeur Canadian
That’s How the Summer Slips Away
Steel Rail - River Song Canadian
Urge For Going (Live at Canterbury House)
Joni Mitchell - Archives, Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) Canadian
Shine on Harvest Moon
Sarah Harmer and Jason Euringer - Songs for Clem Canadian
Old September
Jason Romero (Pharis & Jason) - A Wanderer I'll Stay Canadian
Autumn Leaves
Eva Cassidy - .
Fall Is Here
Sally Rogers - The Unclaimed Pint / In The Circle Of The Sun
Thanksgiving Eve
Garnet Rogers - . Canadian
Turning Towards the Morning
Short Sisters - A Planet Dancing Slow
Valse Lisan
Zigue - Musique du coeur Canadian
Songs associated with the late Chopper MCkinnon who founded Canadian Spaces in september, 1980.
Lace and Pretty Flowers
Sneezy Waters - You've Got Sawdust on the Floor of Your Heart Canadian
Just to Be with You
Stephen Fearing - Between Hurricanes Canadian
Ain't Life Sweet
Penny Lang - Ain't Life Sweet Canadian
The Bottomless Cup
Jennifer Noxon - Watch As You Walk Canadian
Four Letter Word (for Lonesome)
Laura Smith - B'tween the Earth and My Soul Canadian
Man of a Thousand Songs
Ron Hynes - Cryer's Paradise Canadian
The Last Minute Waltz/Midnight on the Water
Ian Robb - From Different Angels Canadian
She Walks on Water
John Allaire - Up Hill... Both Ways Canadian
Working Joe
Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage Canadian
Backwater Blues
Eve Goldberg - Ever Brightening Day Canadian
Interview with Wise Atangana, founder of the Afro-Black Cultural Centre.. His websites are and
Ma Go
Wise Atangana - Determination Canadian
Wise Atangana - Determination Canadian
Pascal Siakam
Wise Atangana - Determination Canadian
Interactive CKCU
CHOPPER LIVES!!! CSpaces is proof enough!!!;-)

11:10 AM, October 2nd, 2021
Chris White (host)
Thanks for tuning in, hillbilly!

11:46 AM, October 2nd, 2021