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Canadian Spaces
Saturday September 18th, 2021 with John Henderson and Chris White
Lost for Words (John Henderson, Pippa Hall and Bruce Barton), Kate Weekes, Chris McKhool, Eve Goldberg, Paul Mills, Mary Gick

John Henderson and Pippa Hall join Chris White to co-host this week's show. They present '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk', perform live with their Lost for Words bandmate Bruce Barton, and share songs from their most recent album. Guests include Kate Weekes, Chris McKhool (Sultans of String), Eve Goldberg, Paul Mills and Mary Gick.
'40 minutes of uninterrupted folk' presented by John Henderson.
The Prairie Pagans
Paddy Tutty - Prairie Druid Canadian
Harvest Train
James Keelaghan - A Few Simple Verses Canadian
What My Mother Saw
Steel Rail - The Road Less Travelled Canadian
Saucy Sailor
The Wailin' Jennys - 40 Days Canadian
I Can See You Now
Bruce Murdoch - Matters of the Heart Canadian
Pallet on the Floor
Penny Lang - Live at the Yellow Door Canadian
Crazy Shades of Blue
Russ Kelley - Crazy Shades of Blue Canadian
Ken Hamm - Inter-Tidal Zone Canadian
Nobody Home
Buddy MacDonald - Myself, My Shadow and I Canadian
Okanagan Valley Blues
Flapjack - Old-Time Bush Swing Canadian
Wish We Had Our Time Again
Chris Coole - Old Dog Canadian
Time Has Made a Change in Me
Lost For Words - Lost For Words Canadian
Billy in the Low Ground
Mike T. Kerr - Favourite Flatpickers Canadian
Interview with Kate Weekes. Her website is
White Water Dreams
Kate Weekes - live in the CKCU studio Canadian
Face in the Moonlight
Kate Weekes - live in the CKCU studio Canadian
Hour 2
Interview with Chris McKhool (Sultans of String). His website is
Rakes of Mallow / Rouge River Valley
Sultans of String - Subcontinental Drift Canadian
Interview with Lost For Words -- Pippa Hall, John Henderson and Bruce Barton. Their website is
Roseville Fair
Lost for Words - live in the CKCU studio Canadian
Geronimo's Cadillac
Lost for Words - live in the CKCU studio Canadian
Interview with Eve Goldberg. Her website is
A Kinder Season
Choose Love - Eve Goldberg Canadian
Paul Mills presents two songs. His website is
Stubbs Stomp
Paul Mills - The Other Side of the Glass Canadian
I'm My Own Grandpa
Trevor & Paul Mills - This Boat That I Built With My Father Canadian
Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
Don McLean - American Pie
Night Drive
Caroline Marie Brooks - Everything At The Same Time Canadian
One Bottle of Pop
The Sparrows - live at the Ottawa Folklore Centre Canadian
Hills of Home
Mary Gick - live in the studio Canadian
The Grassroots Waltz
Mary Gick - live in the studio Canadian
The Whole World 'Round
Carla Sciaky - The Undertow
Please Help Me I'm Falling
Russell Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
Thinking Out Loud
Ron Sexsmith - Other Songs Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Paul Mills
Happy Birthday, Chris and thanks for the play!

11:58 AM, September 18th, 2021
Happy Birthday! (present in the mail!;-) Cool show!

12:02 PM, September 18th, 2021
Ann Downey
What a fun show, a little late on my part. Happy belated birthday , Chris!

10:31 PM, September 23rd, 2021