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Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 7th, 2021 with Jill Jeffrey and Chris White
Lynn Miles

Jill Jeffrey drops by to co-host the show, share '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk', share some of her own songs and interview the one-and-only Lynn Miles!
Here is the contact information for the musicians featured in this episode:

Alan Sandeman –,
Danny Anderson –
Don Bray –,
Fred Dell'Amico –
Greg Kelly –
Howie Hooper –¬ c/o Paul Kent
Jack Pyl –,
Jill Jeffrey –
Lynn Miles:
Mark Evenchick's –,
Missy Burgess –,
Sjef Frenken –,
Stephen Hardy Palmer –,
’40 minutes of uninterrupted folk’ courtesy of Jill Jeffrey
Poor Man Walking
Norman Doucette - Dangerous Ground Canadian
I Don’t Get Out Much
Don Bray - I Bless The Wounds Canadian
Rolling Down To Memphis
Steve Palmer - From Here To Nashville Canadian
Line Upon A Page
Mark Evenchick - Incident at the Hang Dog Saloon Canadian
Pour Me A Song
Missy Burgess - Pour Me A Song Canadian
King of the Bongo
Jack Pyl - . Canadian
This Town
Alan Sandeman - Proclivity ¬ Canadian
Do You Ever Wonder Why
Danny Anderson - . Canadian
Striking Matches
Howie Hooper - The Art of Procrastination Canadian
Rare as Gems
Sjef Frenken - The Songs of David Simmons and Sjef Frenken Canadian
I’ve Been Thinking
Don Bray - . Canadian
Always Hope
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian
Interview with Jill Jeffrey
Best Mistake
Jill Jeffrey - . Canadian
Just Friends
Jill Jeffrey - . Canadian
Fred Dell'Amico - Snappy Gal Canadian
Interview with Lynn Miles. Her website is
Nobody’s Angel
Lynn Miles - Chalk This One Up To To The Moon Canadian
We’ll Look For Stars
Lynn Miles - We’ll Look For Stars Canadian
My Road
Lynn Miles - Road Canadian
You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Lynn Miles - Slightly Haunted Canadian
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9:53 AM, August 7th, 2021
Tony Copple
What a great musical feast, starting with the 40 minutes! Jill, you blossomed. Fascinating chat with Lynn.

10:43 AM, August 7th, 2021
Randy macneil
Great show guys,love the music that was played.Thanks.Chris.

11:03 AM, August 7th, 2021
Norman Doucette
Thank You

3:25 PM, August 7th, 2021
Norman Doucette
I do like the Ottawa's content

3:25 PM, August 7th, 2021
David Grob
Off the charts Jill, good hearing your voice again

11:26 AM, April 4th, 2022