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Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 3rd, 2021 with Shelley Ann Morris and Chris White
Spencer Scharf, Lucas Haneman

Shelley Ann Morris, host of 'Welcome To My World' on CKCU, joins Chris White to share '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk' and interview two very accomplished musical guests: Spencer Scharf and Lucas Haneman.
40 minutes of uninterrupted folk', courtesy of Shelley Ann Morris, host of 'Welcome To My World' on CKCU.
Paris Afternoon
Ian Tamblyn - Ian Tamblyn Canadian
We'll Look For Stars
Lynn Miles - We'll Look For Stars Canadian
You'll Find Me Waiting
Jack Pine and the Fire - Left to Our Own Devices Canadian
Break in the Sky
Kristine St-Pierre - . Canadian
Howie Hooper
Procrastination - The Art of Procrastination Canadian
One Fine Day
Heather Adeney - . Canadian
Anything, Everything
Don Bray - . Canadian
Jill Jeffrey - . Canadian
Sometimes A Phone Call
Greg Kelly - . Canadian
Arnie's Flying Adventure
Graham Lindsey - The Next Best Thing Canadian
Chris MacLean - . Canadian
Bob Loblaw Blahs
Tony Turner - . Canadian
Billy in the Low Ground
Mike T. Kerr - Favourite Flatpickers Canadian
Interview with Spencer Scharf. His website is
live performance
Spencer Scharf - - Isolation Blues Canadian
live performance
Spencer Scharf - - Walking Blues Canadian
live performance
Spencer Scharf - - Everything's Spinning Round Canadian
live performance
Spencer Scharf - - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out Canadian
Interview with Lucas Haneman. In addition to performing solo, he performs with Megan Laurence as The Blind and the Beautiful. Lucas and Megan are both members of the Lucas Haneman Express. Their websites are and
Cobweb Blues
The Blind and the Beautiful - . Canadian
Ms. McGrim
Lucas Haneman Express - Catch the Westbound Canadian
To Be Brave
Lucas Haneman Express - Catch the Westbound Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Good 40!!! Thanks! & for "My World"!

10:48 AM, July 3rd, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello HB and everyone listening in this morning. This show was a lot of fun to put together. Thanks soooo much to Chris White and David Keeble for all their help!

11:16 AM, July 3rd, 2021
Chris White (host)
Thanks for lining up the music and guests, Shelley!

11:21 AM, July 3rd, 2021
Loved the show!

6:22 PM, July 5th, 2021