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Saturday April 10th, 2021 with Chris White
A multi-performer tribute to Ottawa Grassroots Festival founder Bob Nesbitt. You are welcome to 'Add Your Voice' with comments on the playlist for this show.

A multi-performer tribute to Ottawa Grassroots Festival founder Bob Nesbitt who passed away on February 27, 2021 at age 81. You are welcome to 'Add Your Voice' with comments on the playlist for this show. The Grassroots Festival website is
A multi-performer tribute to Ottawa Grassroots Festival founder Bob Nesbitt who passed away on February 27, 2021 at age 81. You are welcome to 'Add Your Voice' with comments on the playlist for this show.
A highly-respected figure in the music scene, Bob Nesbitt specialized in bringing people together to create music-oriented events that benefit everyone. His work over the years created countless opportunities for musicians to evolve as artists and connect with audiences and with one another. As the long-time leader of the Ottawa Folk Festival Site Construction Crew, Bob led 40 enthusiastic volunteers to design, build, operate and dismantle the complex and magical Britannia Park site. Bob and the crew eventually went on to create the Ottawa Grassroots Festival in 2011, a wonderful community-oriented and community-driven event with a high emphasis on inclusiveness and participation. Bob also provided major assistance to events such as the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, the Community Cup multicultural festival, the Music and Beyond festival, and the Hope Volleyball festival. He operated the sound console for the Spirit of Rasputin's weekly 'open mic' event, and created initiatives to connect musicians with students in elementary and secondary schools.
This year's Ottawa Grassroots Festival takes place online from April 23 to 25. All daytime programming is free, but registration is required. Ticketed evening concerts will feature Kristine St-Pierre and James Keelaghan on April 23, and Jessica Pearson and the East Wind and Leela Gilda on April 24. For information, tickets and registration, go to
Linda's Fighting Cancer
Connie Kaldor - live Canadian
When I Get Home
Ball & Chain (Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin) - live Canadian
Ready My Heart
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - On The Line Canadian
Without You
Arthur McGregor - live Canadian
Ain't Life Sweet
Penny Lang - Ain't Life Sweet Canadian
Climb the Stairs
Andy Rush - live Canadian
I Cover the Waterfront
Karen Oxorn - live Canadian
What a Wonderful World
Sid Ameen - live Canadian
Firmly on the Fence
Wendell Ferguson - Happy songs Sell Records, Sad Songs Sell Beer Canadian
My Blue Sweater
Missy Burgess - Pour Me a Song Canadian
Missy Burgess - live Canadian
Rise Above
Christine Graves - live Canadian
The Tennessee Waltz
Roy Acuff - . Canadian
Bob Was One of the Best
Mark Evenchick - live Canadian
Break in the Sky
Kristine St-Pierre - live Canadian
Frost on Black Fur
Kate Weekes - live Canadian
Sometimes a Phone Call
Greg Kelly - live Canadian
Nobody Knows
Patricia Reynolds and Carmel Whittle - live Canadian
I Am The Dawn
Doreen Stevens - live Canadian
The Grassroots Waltz
Mary Gick - live Canadian
Ottawa Citizen article about Bob Nesbitt by Lynn Saxberg:
Obituary for Bob Nesbitt:
Interactive CKCU
Selina Bishop
Bob was an absolutely lovely man, who always lifted up everyone around him. I am very happy to have been able to call him "friend". My family and I will miss him.

1:48 PM, April 9th, 2021
anne-marie brugger
Bob was a great people person! I’m forever inspired by his love of life and his joy of bringing people together. His support for local music and his encouragement of artists was genuine. I know he had a positive impact on me (a non-musician!) for which I will forever be grateful. Bob leaves a lasting legacy! We miss you Bob ❤️

8:35 AM, April 10th, 2021
Grace Smith
Really looking forward to this tribute to Bob. Although he is no longer physically with us, his spirit lives on with all whom he has worked, volunteered, helped, guided, comforted, supported, encouraged, advised, collaborated, laughed and most importantly, loved. Bob was a rare gem. Really miss him.

8:49 AM, April 10th, 2021
Eric Lunn
Working for a with Bob has been a very enriching experience in my life and I will miss him terribly. I have my hot coffee beside me and I'm looking forward to today's program.

10:06 AM, April 10th, 2021
Ann Downey
Thanks for doing this - I have enjoyed Grassroots very much over the years, in various bands and workshops. Bob's vision and determination and friendship created this community - and he's left quite the wonderful legacy. Thanks Bob.

10:24 AM, April 10th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
This is a beautiful life-celebration on the radio. Bob was a mainstay for so many of us. Bob made sure that no-one was left behind, always taking care that OGF would be in a location that ALL could access. Bob made sure that OGF was welcoming, inclusive, friendly and diverse. Now, we must carry his legacy forward.

10:28 AM, April 10th, 2021
Frank Smith
It’s great that you’re celebrating Bob in this way with wonderful music and love!

10:37 AM, April 10th, 2021
Alison Bowie
Bob was such a kind and generous man. He introduced me to so many wonderful people and beautiful music. It's a lovely tribute Chris. Miss you Bob. ❤️

11:48 AM, April 10th, 2021
Karen Oxorn
It's so nice to read these beautiful tributes to Bob as the music plays. What an honour it was to be part of the tribute Chris put together. Bob was my mentor starting the year I first volunteered at Grassroots and eventually my friend with our love of music -- any good music -- in common. I'll miss our phone calls, texts and occasional dinners and lunches, the last of which was in late October, out in the cold to observe physical distancing.

11:57 AM, April 10th, 2021