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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 9th, 2011 with Chopper McKinnon

Deep Dark Woods
Bill Bourne - Bluesland Canadian New
Wild Blue
Frank Wheeler - Frank Wheeler Canadian
Bruce Murdoch - Bruce Murdoch Canadian
Sisters of Mercy
Leonard Cohen - The Essential Leonard Cohen
Baby Come Turn Out the Lights
WIllie P. Bennett - Sharpen the Plough Canadian
Who But You Would Believe
Ian Tamblyn - Voice in the Wilderrness Canadian
Am I Blue
Colleen Peterson - What Goes Around Comes Around Canadian
The Way You Look Tonight
Rusell Levia - So Rare Canadian
Your SIster Cries
Fred Eaglesmith - Falling Stars and Broken Hearts Canadian
The White List
Jamieson's Farewell
David Essig - Morning Calm Canadian
Christine Graves - Stray Canadian
Haunted Woman
Ladies of the Canyon - Haunted Woman