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Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 8th, 2020 with Chris White
Eva Foote, Robb Kerr, Lyle Odjick, Joe Reilly

Musical conversations with Eva Foote, Robb Kerr, Lyle Odjick and Joe Reilly. A new album from Graham Lindsey. A review of the Drive In Bluesfest.
Loon on the Lake
Ball & Chain - Bare Bones Canadian
Cara Luft - Darlingford Canadian
Just Got Back
Rick Fines - Arcadia Canadian
Black Flowers
Red Molly - James Canadian
Linda Morrison - Line By Line Canadian
Wise Heart
Don Bray - I Bless the Wounds Canadian
Love Has Come For You
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell - Love Has Come For You
English Is Cuh-ray-zee
Pete Seeger - Tomorrow's Children
Protest Song
Molly Johnson - Meaning To Tell Ya Canadian
She Drinks
Lynn Miles - We'll Look for Stars Canadian
Old Dog
Chris Coole - Old Dog Canadian
I Built a Boat
Laura Smith - Everything Is Moving Canadian
Graham Lindsey has a new album called "The Next Best Thing". His website is
Best Kind
Graham Lindsey - The Next Best Thing Canadian New
The Next Best Thing
Graham Lindsey - The Next Best Thing Canadian New
Interview with Eva Foote, a singer-songwriter who is also an award-winning actor. You can find her music at
Funeral Walking
Eva Foote - Funeral Walking Canadian
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
John Prine - German Afternoons
I Believe in You
Eva Foote - Canadian
Music and conversation with Robb Kerr -- he's on Facebook.
Robb Kerr - . Canadian
Freight Train
Robb Kerr - . Canadian
Interview with Lyle Odjick and Joe Reilly about the Drive In Bluesfest where Lyle will be performing this evening. Lyle's upcoming album is entitled "Through the Rain". His website is
Harpin' & Howlin'
Lyle Odjick & The Northern Steam - . Canadian
Long, Long Tunnel
Shelley Posen - . Canadian
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