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Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 18th, 2020 with Anne-Marie Brugger and Chris White
Gareth Auden-Hole (Jack Pine), Rachel Beck

Gareth Auden-Hole (a.k.a. Jack Pine) has a new single called "Rich in Time": Based in PEI, Rachel Beck has a new album entitled "Stronger Than You Know". Check out her website at
The Great Divide
The Stone Poets - . Canadian
Together All Alone
Dan Wayner - . Canadian
Never Love Another
Summersets (Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka) - Small Town Saturday Canadian
Lindsay Ferguson - Siren Canadian New
Tara Shannon - . Canadian
Clean Slate
Donovan Woods - Clean Slate Canadian New
You and I
Evangeline Gentle - Evangeline Gentle Canadian
Wild Mountain Thyme
The Bombadils - New Shoes Canadian
Russ Kelley - In Plain Sight Canadian
The Beating of Your Very Own Heart
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian New
The Best
Amanda Rheaume (with Kinnie Starr) - . Canadian
Ambre McLean - . Canadian
51:00 Interview with Gareth Auden-Hole (Jack Pine) --
Rich in Time
Jack Pine & The Fire - . Canadian
Make Up or Break Up
Jack Pine - Lone Wolf Canadian
1:09:00 Interview with Rachel Beck. Her new album is 'Stronger Than You Know'. Website
Rachel Beck - Stronger Than You Know Canadian New
Stronger Than You Know
Rachel Beck - Stronger Than You Know Canadian New
Rachel Beck - Stronger Than You Know Canadian New
À la claire fontaine
Hart Rouge - Beaupré's Home Canadian
Let the Mystery Be
The Lucky Sisters - So Lucky Canadian
Not Alone
Dala - Best Day Canadian
Chalet Groove
Vishten - Terre Rouge Canadian
Howie Hooper - The Art of Procrastination Canadian
One More Mile
Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards - Hard times & Woe
When You Walk On
Eliza Gilkyson - Paradise Hotel
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10:13 AM, July 18th, 2020
Judy Mc
A nice 40 minutes, thanks Anna-Marie.

10:53 AM, July 18th, 2020