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Canadian Spaces
Saturday June 27th, 2020 with Shelley Ann Morris and Chris White
Connie Kaldor, Victoria Steele, Roy Forbes, Heather Kitching

* Shelley Ann Morris presents 40 minutes of uninterrupted folk * Connie Kaldor talks about her upcoming Canada Day concert on Zoom * Roy Forbes chats about his brilliant new album, "Edge of Blue" * Heather Kitching from Roots Music Canada invites you to participate in an audience survey
Dance Across Forever
Greg Kelly - Slow Horses Canadian
Long Long Tunnel
Shelley Posen - . Canadian
Higher Ground
Lynne Hanson - Just Words Canadian
Tariq Anwar - . Canadian
Two Feathers
Christophe Elie - Bridging Borders Canadian
Room For Less
Alise Marlane - Room For Less Canadian
Maple Syrup
Tamarack - Muskoka's Calling Canadian
A Poodle in Paris
Connie Kaldor - A Poodle in Paris Canadian
Ham and Eggs
Slo Tom and the Handsome Devils - I'm Sick Canadian
Lift Me Up With Song
Sills and Smith - Echoes in Time Canadian
Standing In The Rain
Shawn Tavenier - . Canadian
Interview with Connie Kaldor and Victoria Steele. You can register for the 6 pm Canada Day Zoom concert
Interview with Roy Forbes – His new album is "Edge of Blue"
Don't Let Go
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian New
Edge Of Blue
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian New
The Beating of Your Very Own Heart
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian New
Lydia Anne
Roy Forbes - Edge of Blue Canadian New
Lifting My Heart
Hart Rouge - Beaupré's Home Canadian
Interview with Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada – Please participate in the audience survey at
Good Bayou
Christa Couture - The Living Record Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Ray Barfitt
Good morning Shelley and Chris. A fine 40 minutes! Music keeps us sane in an insane world.

10:35 AM, June 27th, 2020
Jim Mountain
great playlist today to accompany outdoor carpentry work ..makes deerflies more bearable ! So looking forward to Roy Forbes and Connie Kaldor...hosted each several times at our folk club in Alberta in a former lifetime...their wonderful music endures and inspires..!

10:37 AM, June 27th, 2020
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi All. Thanks for tuning in. It was hard to get all this great music into 40 minutes—so much to choose from. Happy Saturday morning everyone, and thank you for tuning in.

10:44 AM, June 27th, 2020
Thank you soooo much Shelley for playing the poodle song! It really made me smile. I’m really enjoying the show this morning 😁 Hi Chris!!

10:51 AM, June 27th, 2020
Pat Moore
So great to hear Roy Forbes!!!! Don't let go is fabulous!! Thanks Shelley and Chris!

11:07 AM, June 27th, 2020
Judy&Ross Mc
We are floating with you Shelley and Chris...thanks for bringing Roy to us all!

11:25 AM, June 27th, 2020
Oh ya! Great stuff!! Thanks much!

11:38 AM, June 27th, 2020
Jeff Larocque
Good to hear you on CKCUFM Shelley Ann. Nice set of forty minutes of Canadian folk.

11:37 PM, June 29th, 2020