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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 25th, 2020 with Chris White & Gord Peeling
Shelley Posen, Teilhard Frost

Guests in the studio this week are Shelley Posen and Teilhard Frost.
Believing Is Better
Lennie Gallant - Believing Is Better - Revenant '91 Canadian
Northwest Passage
Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage - Fogarty's Cove Music '81 [v] Canadian
Freeborn Man
Ecosse - The Auld Alliance - Glenashdale '06 Canadian
Only Half-way Home
Terry Tufts - Two Nights Solo - Borealis '02 Canadian
A Certain Kind of Memory
Kacy & Clayton - The Siren's Song - New West '17 [v] Canadian
Ghost of a Chance
Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy of the Soul - Ronboy Rhymes '08 Canadian
Katie Comes a-Callin'
Maria Dunn - The Peddler - Distant Whisper Canadian
Rumba Compadres
James Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez - Compadres - self Canadian
Hemingway's Songbird
Lynne Hanson - Just Words - self '21 Canadian New
Interview with Shelley Posen
No More Fish, No Fishermen
Finest Kind - Heart's Delight - Fallen Angle Music Canadian
The Gazebo on the Oswegatchie
Shelley Posen - Roseberry Road - Well Done Music Canadian
The Hanukkah Christmas Song
Shelley Posen - live in the studio - Well Done Music Canadian
Night Nurse
Shelley Posen - Ontario Moon - Well Done Music Canadian
Interview with Teilhard Frost.
improvisation on a Jack Daniels bottle
Teilhard Frost - live in the studio Canadian
When First Unto This Country
Teilhard Frost - live in the studio Canadian
Forked Deer
Teilhard Frost - live in the studio Canadian
jaw harp improvisation
Teilhard Frost - live in the studio Canadian
Interactive CKCU
HillBilly glenn
Great Fun! Thanks for your work!

10:35 AM, January 25th, 2020
hillbilly glenn
Clan Chief put 2 nn on glenn so Iwould't be just a valley...we go deep in our Clan.../; - )

10:59 AM, January 25th, 2020
Guy B
Treasure Isld in Mindemoya lake on Manitoulin isld-- where I camped as a child and apparently the only place on the planet where an isld exists on an isld!!

11:38 AM, January 25th, 2020
Gord Peeling
Hillbilly Glenn and Guy B, thanks for adding your voices to the show and listening!

4:21 PM, January 25th, 2020