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Canadian Spaces
Saturday September 7th, 2019 with Chris White
Geraldine Hallett (The Once), Tom Wilson

East Coast performers who will be on stage at CityFolk (Sept. 13-16) include The Once (Thurs. Sept. 12 at 7:00 pm), Tim Baker (Sat. Sept. 14 at 7:30 pm and Sun. Sept 15 at 4:45 pm) and The East Pointers (Sun. Sept. 15 at 3:30 pm). We talk with Geraldine Hallett from The Once.
Sail Away Upon the Sea
The Once - Sail Away Upon the Sea Canadian
Across the Sea
Doris Folkens - Doris Folkens Canadian
By and By
Shari Ulrich - Back To Shore Canadian
5th of September
Drew Nelson - Tilt-a-Whirl Canadian
Blue Yodel 10
Mabel Beggs - I've Got a Bulldog Canadian
La canne de Bernard
Jabbour - Saint Bernard Canadian New
Walk With Me
Ray Bonneville - Roll It Down Canadian
Climb the Stairs
David Wiffen - Coast to Coast Fever Canadian
Frida's Brow - Frida's Brow Canadian
Gnostic Serenade
Bill Stevenson - Dancing Aloud: The Songs of Bill Hawkins Canadian
Long Walk To Freedom
Stephen Fearing - The Secret of Climbing Canadian
Next In Line
Jennifer Noxon - Watch As You Watch Canadian
Frida's Brow - Frida's Brow Canadian
Waiting for a Train
Eve Goldberg - Ever Brightening Day Canadian
Fool For You
The Once - Departures Canadian
Interview with Geraldine Hollett from The Once.
Last Lemonade
The Once - We Win Some We Lose Canadian
My Old Man
Garnet Rogers - Summer's End Canadian
Chris MacLean - Procrastinator Canadian
Lucifer's Blues
David Wiffen - Coast to Coast Fever Canadian
Ain't Life Sweet
Penny Lang - Ain't Life Sweet
Interview with Tom Wilson about the David Wiffen Day events coming up on Sat. Sept. 14.
More Often Than Not
David Wiffen - David Wiffen
Interactive CKCU
D'A Chelsea
Hurricane Dorion is hitting the Maritimes right now

10:17 AM, September 7th, 2019
Great set,Podolak what a Spirit ! THanks Chris , i was just thinking about him. a true Champion....

11:12 AM, September 7th, 2019