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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 8th, 2011 with Chopper McKinnon

Rainin in My Heart
Jenny Whiteley - Forgive or Forget Canadian New
Watch it Babe
Willie P. Bennett - Sharpen the Plow Canadian
Dreams & Visions
Doug McArthur - Letters from the Coast Canadian
These Roads
Dave Gunning - House for Sale Canadian
Little Green Men
Creaking Tree String Quartet - Sundogs
There's a Train
Cara Lufts - The Light Fantastic Canadian
One True Kiss
Catherine Weattley - Landed Canadian
Something Beautiful
Lynn Miles - Fall from Beauty Canadian
Open Skies Medley
Rawlin's Cross - Heart Head Hands Canadian
The Dutchman
Mark Haines & Tom Leighton - Foot to the Floor Canadian
There was Love
Jenny Whiteley - Forgive or forget Canadian
Day without Words
same - same Canadian
Final Season
same - same Canadian
Truth and the Eyes of the Dead
same - same Canadian
The Way You Look Tonight
Russell Levia - So Rare Canadian
Life is Good
Brock Zeman - Ya Aint Crazy Henny Penny Canadian New
Where you Leave Your car
same - same Canadian New
Somebody' Comin'
same - same Canadian New
A Song to a Girl
same - same Canadian New
Wishful Thinking
Robert Larisey - Nights Take Forever Canadian New
Fiddle N' Bass
same - same Canadian New
same - same Canadian New
Sweet Louise
same - same Canadian New
Eskimo Lullabye
Ceedees - same Canadian
Thomas & Nancy
Finest Kind - For Honour & For Gain Canadian
45 Years
Paul Mills - the other side of the glass Canadian
James Keelaghan - House of Cards Canadian