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Canadian Spaces
Saturday September 9th, 2017 with Chris White
Ali McCormick, Lloyd Spiegel, Julie Corrigan, Lori Jean Hodge

* Ali McCormick talks about her concert coming up on Friday evening, September 15th at Live on Elgin, a show that also features Bobby Dove and Thomas Stajcer. * Lloyd Spiegel (from Australia) and Julie Corrigan and play at Batstone's Northern Ramble in Renfrew tomorrow evening -- Sunday, September 10th. They join us in the studio to chat and perform live. * Lori Jean's Hodge's birthday would have been on Sept. 4, but sadly we lost her last July. We play some songs in honour of her astounding voice and wonderful spirit. * We'll be broadcasting Canadian Spaces next Saturday "live on location" from the Black Irish Pub in Vanier to kick off the new season of Tunes After Noon!
Linda Morrison - Line By Line Canadian
The Gazebo on the Oswegatchie
Shelley Posen - Roseberry Road Canadian
That's When I Need a Song
Ken Whiteley - One World Dance Canadian
The Blacksmith
Lizzie Hoyt - New Lady on the Prairie Canadian
Cara Luft - Darlingford Canadian
I Used To Be Able To Yodel
Bob Snider - A Maze in Greys Canadian
Roll Me On Home
Ken Yates - Huntsville Canadian
My Bonny
Laura Smith - B'tween the Earth and My Soul Canadian
Get Back in the Game
Chris Ronald - Fragments Canadian
Good News
Coco Love Alcorn - Wonderland Canadian
The Last Time I Ever Said Goodbye
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian
Ali McCormick - . Canadian
Lloyd Spiegel - live in the studio
Lloyd Spiegel - live in the studio
Julie Corrigan - live in the studio Canadian
Julie Corrigan - live in the studio Canadian
Prairie Train
Lori Jean Hodge - unreleased recording Canadian
I Miss You
Lori Jean Hodge - unreleased recording Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Hey Chris have a great show today!:)

10:02 AM, September 9th, 2017
Love this song ,knowing the story is even funnier.Cara rocks! Great .thanks for playing it!

10:23 AM, September 9th, 2017
Judy McQ
Chris, plenty of HOPE in the music with this show. World neeeeeds it!

10:41 AM, September 9th, 2017
Guss must be registering as a Basso-profundo!

10:55 AM, September 9th, 2017
Lloyd, you won me over! Love your BLUES.

11:35 AM, September 9th, 2017