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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 18th, 2010 with Chopper

Down By Sally Gardens
Lorena Mckennit - The Wind That Shakes the Barley Canadian New
Two Songs
Katie McGary - My Side of Town Canadian New
Daniel Moir - Road Canadian New
Zac Crouse - You Plan to Do Nothing Canadian New
Lake Effect Snow
Paul Quarrington - The Songs Canadian
Life is Good
Susan Cogan - The Fields of Friendship Canadian New
Albert's Cove
Paul Mills - The Other Side of the Glass Canadian
The Dutchman
Marc Haines &Tom Leighton - Foot to Floor Canadian
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Rusell Levia - So Rare Canadian
Ellen McIlwaine - Mystic Bridge Canadian
Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring
Amanda Rheaume - Acoustic Christmas Canadian
fof Those Who Hate to Wake UP
The Peptides - For Those Who Hate Human Interaction Canadian
A Drunken Night In Dublin
The Mahones - Dragin the Days Canadian
Fly With Your Heart
Ian Tamblyn - When Wil I See You Again Canadian
Thinkin bout her
Fred Eaglesmith - Milly's Cafe Canadian
I Need Someone
Bob Webb - Sailors Delight Canadian
Say It Isn't So
Joe Hall - Best of - Travelling Without Deodorant Canadian
Call Me
Ferron - Driver Canadian
Why Should I Be Lonley
Finest Kind - For Honour & For Gain Canadian
Carolina Loved
.Andy McGaw - Andrew's Castle Canadian
Full Circle
David Wiffen - Coast to Coast Fever Canadian
Kingdom Come
Rawlins Cross - Heart Head Hands Canadian
Journal of a Narcoleptic
Dan Mangan - Postcards and Daydreaming Canadian
Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage Canadian
James Kellaghan - House of Cards Canadian
Hey Mr.Bartender
Cris Cuddy - Diamond Shine Canadian
Sittin In the Kitchen
Bob Snider - Caturwaul Doggerel Canadian