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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 28th, 2017 with Mike Regenstreif and Chris White
Greg Kelly, Jamie Anderson, Shirt Tearing Boys

Greg Kelly releases his third album, "Ghosts" this evening at The Black Irish Pub. He'll be backed by Keith Glass, Alistair Dennett and Philip Victor Bova, with opening act, Bruce Enloe. Jamie Anderson ( plays a concert at the Black Irish Pub on Friday, February 10 at 7:00 pm. She's also leading a free songwriting workshop on Sunday, February 5 from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. Sponsored by Gil’s Hootenanny, the workshop will help you write "sing-along-able" songs of hope and protest. Shirt Tearing Boys perform at the Black Sheep tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 pm. Band members are Charlie Sohmer, Tony Turner, Fred Guignion, Ann Downey, Sally Robinson, Corky Kealey and George Laing.
Dream with Me
Moore & McGregor - The McGregors/Donald Angus Beaton's Trip to Toronto - Ivernia Canadian New
The April Verch Anthology
April Verch - That’s How We Run - Slab Town Canadian New
New Shoes
The Bombadils - Train in the Night - Borealis Canadian
Yonder Hill
Yonder Hill - Northern Lights - Yonder Hill Canadian
Strange Rider
Noah Zacharin - Another She - Noah Zacharin Canadian
For a Moment
Sue & Dwight - When the Music Stirs Her Soul - Sue & Dwight Canadian
Sometimes I Wonder Why the World
Bruce Murdoch - Anytime at All - Bruce Murdoch Canadian
Wonder Land
Coco Love Alcorn - Mary Mary - Coco Love Alcorn Canadian New
Tears Like Rain
Doug McArthur - Tears Like Rain - Doug Mcarthur Canadian New
Nine Pin
Kaia Kater - White (Long Time Traveling) - Kaia Kater Canadian
Ian & Sylvia
Ian & Sylvia - Handsome Molly - Vanguard Canadian
Turn Styles
Naming the Twins - The Last Song - Duet Right Canadian New
Always Hope
Greg Kelly - live in the studio Canadian
The Last Time I Ever Said Goodbye
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian New
Words Unspoken
Greg Kelly - Ghosts Canadian New
Menopause Mambo
Jamie Anderson - Dare Canadian
I'm Satisfied with You
Shirt Tearing Boys - live in the studio Canadian
Shirt Tearing Boys - live in the studio Canadian
New Moon Over My Shoulder
Shirt Tearing Boys - live in the studio Canadian
Au près du poêle
Ten Strings and a Goatskin - Au près du poêle Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Randy mac neil
Great tunes Greg ,thanks .Great set of music Mike as usual.And of course hats of to ya Chris.

11:11 AM, January 28th, 2017
Great show today guys! Sonny Aiken and Mabel Beggs - that's the answer to your question as to which one is Kate. :)

11:44 AM, January 28th, 2017
Sounds like STB will be a good show. Enjoy the view over the river.

11:50 AM, January 28th, 2017