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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 2nd, 2016 with Chris White
Kristine St. Pierre, Camilo Gomez, Heather Horak, Ten Strings and a Goatskin

* Kristine St. Pierre -- Girls to the Front -- Irene's Pub, Wed. July 6 * Camilo Gomez and Heather Horak -- Black Sheep, Fri. July 8 * Ten Strings and a Goatskin -- Almonte Celtfest, Fri. July 8
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Interactive CKCU
Chris, even the Great Chopper had the alter-ego of Thumbs McKinnon!

11:09 AM, July 2nd, 2016
Conversation this morning is good, it resembles sitting in a coffee shop kind of talk.

11:18 AM, July 2nd, 2016