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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 13th, 2016 with Debbie Hanna and Chris White
Jane Siberry, Daphne Volante, Piara ÓGiobúin, Deirdre Dooley, Kongero, Marc Landry

Chopper's dear friend Debbie Hanna puts together her annual February Special Edition. She has lots of excellent music to share... all duos and duets! Jane Siberry calls in to talk about her album release tour for "Ulysses' Purse". She performs at the Gladstone Theatre on Monday evening, Feb. 15, Daphne Volante, Piara ÓGiobúin and Deirdre Dooley drop by the studio to perform live and chat about their concert on Fri. Feb. 20 at Abbotsford House, 950 Bank St., 7:30 pm. Kongero, a 4-woman vocal group from Sweden, joins us by phone to talk about their upcoming performances in the National Capital area, Marc Landry, who has presented Kongero in house concerts in the past, drops by to celebrate their return visit to Canada.
Someone To Watch Over Me
Bec & Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Waltz of the Tennis Players
Fraser & Debolt - Fraser & Debolt Canadian
We Got a Love
Rick FInes & Suzie Vinnick - Nothing Halfway Canadian
Sad and Lonely Girl
Geoff Johnson and Liz Sterling - demo Canadian
La Merveille
Roxanne Potvin - The Way It Feels Canadian
More Often Than Not
Ian & Sylvia - Ian & Sylvia Canadian
Love Bug
Ball & Chain - Louisiana Love Bug Canadian
I Got You Covered
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Kings and Queens Canadian
Wilder Than Her
Fred Eaglesmith - Drive-In Movie Canadian
Lynn Miles - Fall for Beauty Canadian
Heart Like a Wheel
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Fraser & Debolt Canadian
Tea For Two
Bec & Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Interactive CKCU
John Urban
Despite how great Chopper was as a Canadian Spaces host, I never found his “spasm” introduction to be appropriate. Spasm is not the right word for the 2 hour show. According to my dictionary, a spasm is (1) an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles. It can be either clonic or tonic. In clonic spasms, the muscles contract and relax alternately in very quick succession. In tonic spasms, the muscles contract in a steady and uniform manner, and remain contracted for a comparatively long time, as in tetanus. Some cases of spasm appear to be intermediate between these two varieties. (2) A sudden, violent, and perhaps fruitless effort; as, a spasm of repentance. How is Canadian Spaces a spasm? It is not. As well, inviting listeners to “put the kettle on...” at 10 AM is rather late for that. I’ll bet all your listeners have gotten up much earlier, and have already had their “favourite cup of hot brown drink, ” an hour or two or three before. So; I suggest searching around for a new and better introduction to Canadian Spaces. You could invite listeners to send in their suggestions for a replacement. What do you think about that? John Urban

10:32 AM, February 13th, 2016
Chris White (host)
These are interesting comments, John.. thanks! It will be fascinating to hear what other listeners think.

10:38 AM, February 13th, 2016
Frank Smith
Ah, Kate and Anna McGarrigle! Love Heart Like A Wheel! Such a great song!

10:41 AM, February 13th, 2016
Frank Smith
Beautiful song by Jane Siberry. Perhaps her cell phone is frozen solid, so she can't call in.

10:59 AM, February 13th, 2016
Frank Smith
Bound By The Beauty is one of the truly great Jane Siberry tunes. Emotional, evocative songcraft.

11:04 AM, February 13th, 2016