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Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 1st, 2015 with Chris White
Arthur McGregor and the Ottawa Folklore Centre

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A GAP NEAR THE START OF THIS RECORDING. THE ACTUAL PROGRAM BEGINS AT THE 5:45 MARK *** This week's show is a tribute to Arthur McGregor and his tremendous work with the Ottawa Folklore Centre. The Centre closed on July 23, 2015 after 38 years of operation. The Folklore Centre enriched the community in many important ways. It employed 40 musicians on an ongoing basis as teachers and staff, and played a vital role in connecting people with music through lessons, instruments, repairs, workshops, festivals, concerts, sponsorships, publications, awards, scholarships, mentorships and community choirs. Guests on the show include Lynn Miles, Dean Verger, Brian Dubbeldam, Chris MacLean and Mike Regenstreif. For an excellent 11-minute video created by Andy Frank on the occasion of Arthur receiving the Helen Verger Award from Folk Music Ontario in 2012, see
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Matthew Crosier (host)
What a friend Arthur & the Folklore Centre have been to CKCU & to the greater community. You will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

9:48 AM, July 30th, 2015
Jennifer Noxon
I didn't know anyone when I moved to Ottawa in 1991. The first lifeline I discovered was CKCU's Canadian Spaces on Saturday morning, the second was the Folklore Centre and the third, Rasputin's. These 'institutions' helped me reconnect with, and grow my musical self. They provided the support and sense of community I so longed for. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Arthur and all the others over the years who made the Folklore Centre a welcoming and happening musical hub in this big ole world. The work you did deserves the highest honours. I wish all of you well.

4:02 PM, July 30th, 2015
Ana Miura
Composing a short message about what Arthur has meant to this community and to me, is proving difficult. How do you properly describe all the little things that one person does over many, many years to make this community more connected and better? Perhaps it is easiest to simply say thank you. Thank you Arthur for supporting me in my music career with kind words and a warm heart...and cd sales! Thank you Arthur for believing in and supporting Babes4Breasts in all the ways you did and continue to do. Thank you Arthur for being one of a very special group of people who laid the foundation for and built up the Ottawa Folk festival - it is there where I found my career path in life and where I call home. You are one of the hearts in this community and even though the walls of a store and school no longer exist, we all know it is you (and Terry and later on Wendy) that made that building come alive. May you be fuelled by the gratitude and love of this community to carry you to your next adventure!

4:18 PM, July 30th, 2015
Alicia Borisonik
Arthur was and still is a great friend, mentor and amazing person. He is the first person I went to see when I came here from Argentina, to talk about teaching music and since 1994 he helped in any possible way. I visited him and Terry in the Bronson store and I always remember the great impresion they left on me. In 2013 Arthur helped me create World Folk Music Ottawa, a non for profit organization with a clear mission of supporting folk and world music. I feel very sad with the lost of my big brother the OFC but I will keep working with my organization because we need more folk/world music community around us and this is my gift to my friend Arthur. Gracias amigo.

10:24 PM, July 30th, 2015
Karen Flanagan McCarthy
Without Arthur McGregor, the Ottawa Folk Festival wouldn't have come to life back in 1994. His generosity, support and wise counsel helped get the off the ground...and keep it going year after year. One of my fondest festival memories is of standing next to Chopper on the main stage while Arthur opened each year's festival with his unique rendition of 'O Canada'. Other memories include single malt scotch and hanging out backstage with him. Arthur, I don't know what the next chapter of your life will bring, but I know it will include music and I hope it will be in Ottawa. I couldn't imagine our community without you. Thank you for all you have done for so many of us over the years.

10:52 PM, July 30th, 2015
Bob Nesbitt
Arthur McGregor, and the Ottawa Folklore Centre have always been very supportive of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, even from it's inception. It always amazed me how Arthur always seemed to be able to find the time to help out when it was needed. This is especially significant when we consider how many individuals he has helped over the years. It's time for the community to give something back to the man who has given so much to all of us. Arthur and Wendy have been good friends of Susan and I for a number of years now and we want to send our support and good wishes to them in this difficult time. It's going to get better!

8:55 AM, July 31st, 2015
Vince Halfhide
I have many fond memories of the Folklore Centre, especially the old Bronson Avenue store where I taught for years and where I bought two of my favourite acoustic instruments, a Gibson flat top and a National resonator guitar (both from the 1930s). Now the store is gone. But the many ripples and waves that Athur and the Folklore centre helped set in motion, in the form of lessons, sponsored performances, support for so many music and community oriented projects and organizations, for musicians' careers, for the original Folk Fesrival, etc. etc. - the list goes on and on - will continue to expand and resonate for years to come. Thank you, Arthur.

9:01 AM, July 31st, 2015
Christine Graves
Brutal. Harsh. So sad and too bad for all of our community. Wishing Arthur and all his respected teachers and staff well. On to the next adventure. Hope it is rewarding...BTW the Kala traveler Uke Biron and I purchased in the winter is very sweet.

9:32 AM, July 31st, 2015
Ron Moores
I never imagined Arthur McGregor and his Folklore Centre not a part of what we do at CKCU...devastating news for the music community here...I wish every happiness and success to Arthur, his family and staff - best friend CKCU ever had!

9:51 AM, July 31st, 2015
Christine Fagan
When, at the age of 30, I finally worked up the nerve to take a singing lesson, the Folklore Centre was there. When I needed a last-minute accompanist for the Folklore Centre student recital, Arthur McGregor, after a long shift, was there. People applauded! When I was ready to give it a go in a serious way, guitarist and OFC instructor John Seck were there. One CD release and a very rewarding part-time singing career later, I am very grateful to have conquered a demon and connected with so many awesome musical friends! Thank you Arthur, for your dedication, and perseverance. All the best!

10:04 AM, July 31st, 2015
Jim Marino
Having lived in Hamilton all my life, I can only relate my experience as a music teacher who also worked at Payne's Music upon retirement and dealt with Pongetti's music store as well. We lost these legendary music (40+ year old) stores a few years back and this too was a devastating blow to the Hamilton community. There were great deals on instruments, knowledgeable teachers and staff, music lessons for kids, service to music programs in schools, and perhaps the most fun - HANGING OUT in the back room! It was easy to see the same sense of community the few times I was at the OFC and I am so sorry for this loss. On behalf of the Freewheeling Folk Show, my listeners and CFMU radio, I wish the very best to you, Arthur, your family and musical friends.

10:49 AM, July 31st, 2015
Margaret Cameron-Ameen
I'm really going to miss watching my children run down the sidewalk to the Folklore Centre, full of anticipation for what was going to happen. They always loved to look around the store and show me what instrument they were dreaming of. I always felt that they were welcome and encouraged to explore. It was such a special place.

12:17 PM, July 31st, 2015
Chris MacLean
Crikey, I can hardly believe I've known Arthur for close to 40 years! We can’t be that old:)! I have many fond memories of hanging out at the Folklore Centre, starting way back in the late 70's when it was on Bronson and I was a super shy aspiring songwriter. Years later, Terry Penner introduced me to my first really good guitar, a beautiful Beneteau that I still cherish. I've bought some other instruments and lots of gear but it’s the sense of ‘home’ I will miss. I will miss dropping in to chit-chat, practice for gigs, to share and receive – music news, knowledge and encouragement. It’s the little kindnesses that have made the Folklore Centre a landmark and a welcoming hub for musicians of all ages, stages and styles. Thank you ALL from the whole of my heart. I’m so grateful Arthur, Terry and Wendy, for your unwavering support of all my musical endeavours – for your generous encouragement, selling CDs and tickets, providing poster space, and helping to promote my music. It was a thrill that one of my songs was chosen to be on your 25th Anniversary tribute album. Having you in my corner has always been a privilege and an honour. Recently, I was hired as a teacher - at the time, Wendy had more confidence in my ability to teach and run the Rise Up Singing choir than I had. But over the past few years, I’ve grown to love my students and the choir. This has inspired me to further my training as a community choir leader. I’m looking forward to continuing the work I started at OFC. These are but a few of the ways in which the Folklore Centre has benefited me. I’m one in an extensive ‘family’ who has been positively influenced by Arthur, his life work and the community he has fostered. I know I’m not alone in feeling somewhat orphaned by the closing of this beloved institution. Arthur and Wendy, I wish you both better days ahead. I know you’ve worked tremendously hard and I’m so sorry that you’ve had to endure this trauma. I extend this sentiment as well to the staff who applied themselves so diligently and creativ

12:25 PM, July 31st, 2015
Andrea Simms-Karp
It's not an exaggeration to say that Arthur is the reason I have a music career. I grew up studying classical voice, but it's when I started taking guitar lessons at the old OFC on Bronson that my life really changed. I took to the instrument immediately and I started writing songs before I even had the chords straight. I also learned banjo at the OFC, an instrument that propelled my songwriting even further. Come to think of it, I also took some songwriting workshops there, and drum lessons, AND bass lessons. Hah! It was my home away from home. I bought my first guitar there, a Cort cutaway I still use to this day. My friend Shawna Caspi bought a nearly identical guitar there a few years later, with me in tow. When my (now)husband proposed to me with a '57 Gretsch Rambler, I entrusted the repair shop at the OFC to set it up and make it shine. I'm probably blathering at this point, but I'm really just trying to say this: the OFC is a huge part of who I am today, and I couldn't be more grateful to Arthur for his vision and his dedication.

1:33 PM, July 31st, 2015
Bill Garrett
To say that Arthur was a force on the Ottawa Folk scene for over four decades would be a huge understatement. Even before Arthur opened the Folklore Centre on Bronson Ave. he was instrumental in nourishing the Ottawa music scene by bringing in all sorts of performers to various venues, perhaps the most notable being Roosters Coffee House at Carleton U. The very fact that he was able to persevere and keep the OFC alive for as long as he did is amazing. There was a price to pay however, in both monetary and health terms. Now with the Folklore Centre behind them we wish good heath more music and better times ahead for both Arthur and Wendy. They are both richly deserving of same. Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop

6:05 PM, July 31st, 2015
Greg Kelly
OFC has been a part of my life since it opened 38 years ago. I took guitar lessons from Bob Stark in one of the upstairs rooms. I bought a guitar strap almost 38 years ago, and still use it today. When Festival for the Folks started up in Brewer Park and then in Britannia, I made sure I soaked up all the atmosphere. I was an outsider, but always felt included because of Arthur's welcoming smile. A community of people developed musically and magically through programs that were taught at OFC by folk music's finest musicians. Arthur's generosity in offering space for songwriters to develop their craft with Writer's Bloc has never gone unnoticed. I for one, as well as so many musicians around the Ottawa area, will keep the folk community alive, because the Folklore Centre brought us together. And I know that we will be strong. Thank you Mr. McGregor. Peace.

7:17 PM, July 31st, 2015
Joanne Crabtree
Arthur, thank you for making Folk World (and the care and feeding of its delicate denizens) your life's work. We are the better for it. I wish you soft landing in your next landscape.

7:47 PM, July 31st, 2015
Andy Frank
One of the things that amazes me every day as I look after the operations of the Canadian Folk Music Awards is how Arthur, a co-founder of the Awards in 2004, used the Folklore Centre as the HQ for the CFMA. In his spare time, sometimes with the help of a temporary assistant, and many times without, he'd manage the collection and distribution of 100s of CDs to 95 jurors across Canada, as well as doing any number of other time-consuming chores, all while running a busy retail operation and music school. The CFMA, now in its 11th year, and seeing record submissions and gala attendance set in Ottawa last year, owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to Arthur for his 10 year term on the board, his volunteer time and dedication. Arthur McGregor walked the walk. His store will be missed, but personally, I can't wait to see what heights he and Wendy will scale in the years to come. Now it's time for him to play some music and get the applause he deserves.

8:25 PM, July 31st, 2015
Bruce Morel
We have a great national Folk Community and a powerful presence on the world stage mainly due to our outstanding writers and performers. But without the nurturing and passionate support of the Arthur McGregor's of our country many of our iconic voices would never have been heard. Arthur is a model of what many of us aspire to be, kind, helpful, honest, intuitive and there whether you need him or not mostly when you need him. Thanks for being who you are, a friend at heart.

10:11 PM, July 31st, 2015
Mary Gick
There were countless times when I needed a last minute gift for my nieces or nephews and I would walk into the Folklore Centre and find something – a set of guitar strings, a guitar strap, or a DVD on guitar building. In the midst of searching for that special gift, I would invariably run into somebody I knew, or see Arthur in his office, and I’d end up staying a while. If Arthur was there, his door was open. No matter how busy he was he always said hi and seemed happy to see me; we would have a brief chat about life, a good laugh about something, or he’d show me the latest banjo he had for sale at the store. When I taught clawhammer banjo there many years ago, he signed up for lessons because he wanted to expand his style of playing. He would invariably be late, or miss the lesson completely, because he put others’ needs first. Like many things in life, I probably took the OFC for granted. As Joni Mitchell said, “Don’t it always seem to go, You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” I will miss the merchandise, the friendly atmosphere and helpful staff at the store, and running into Arthur there. Thanks Arthur, for all of the chats, the great banjos to try out, the opportunity to teach there, and those special gift items. Now you will finally have some time to devote to yourself.

10:35 PM, July 31st, 2015
David Keeble
When I came back to music in 1995 or so, the first home I found to nurture my renewed spirit was Rasputin’s, and the second, right behind it, was the Folklore Centre. It was here I found my beloved Beneteau, took voice lessons, and went to the monthly meetings of Writers Bloc. Arthur’s support for Writers Bloc has resulted, not only in the creation of thousands of songs, but in the nurturing of and hundreds of writers and hundreds of connections between writers that will last many years into the future and create a lasting musical legacy for Ottawa. OFC has been a great part of my life and the lives of many others, and I am sincerely sorry to see it close. It will not be the first or the last time that the remorseless logic of business has screwed up the art of music, but it is a particularly sad one.

11:33 PM, July 31st, 2015
Ann Downey
It's way too late to write in this little box what I'm thinking, but I know that the Ottawa Folklore Centre closure is sure going to leave a huge hole in our music community's heart. Thank you Arthur for keeping it going as long as you did, as well as fostering a sense of joy in and love for music made from the ground up. When Arthur asked me if I'd like to teach banjo a few years ago, I said, sure, I'll give it a try for a little while. OFC was a very friendly and encouraging place for me to learn how to teach - and now I'm hooked. The camaraderie among the staff, teachers and customers was pretty unique, and I'll miss it. Here's wishing Arthur and Wendy the best, and a buoyant future, full of good tunes and good times.

2:25 AM, August 1st, 2015
Tannis Slimmon
The OFC and Rasputins were my introduction back in the 80's to Ottawa and what felt like a warm and welcoming home for musicians like myself. The Bird Sisters put on a vocal workshop on the upper floor and many of those who attended are still dear friends and musical comrades almost 30 years later. How to give thanks for such profound connections which grew like a spider web outwards from that time and place? Bless you Arthur and may your new path be paved with gratitude and lightness....xo...T.

3:29 AM, August 1st, 2015
Randy MacNeil
From looking in from the outside, for many years, Arthur to me has been a builder and a very kind soul. After reading all the tributes, what is there left to say about a man who obviously touched so many hearts and lives. Ya know, it's a sad thing for all musicians that the doors have closed at the Ottawa Folklore Centre. I have no doubt you will find your way while continuing to inspire this community. I hope the builder spirit within you will give you the strength to move forward and build again. God knows you have laid a serious foundation. God Bless ya.

8:53 AM, August 1st, 2015
Jim Robinson
Thirteen years ago after taking a workshop with Linda Morrison here in Montreal she suggested that I might want to follow my interest in songwriting to Ottawa and check out a group which met monthly at the Ottawa Folklore Centre. At the time I had no idea just how important connecting with this community of songwriters and musicians at the OFC would turn out to be. More than any other place in Ottawa, the OFC has been my musical home away from my home in Montreal. Making the monthly trek up the 417 to Writers’ Bloc meetings has allowed me to participate,feel welcomed by and receive feedback from an impressive number of talented songwriters. Suggested WB titles have probably been the starting off point for at least half the songs in the 7 collections I’ve recorded since my first visit in 2002. Apart from the convenience of being able to pick up a set of strings, a guitar strap, a mandolin, a capo, or a tuner, I’m really going to miss this congenial place. I sincerely thank you, Arthur, for providing so many of us with such a supportive, creative space for so many years and wish you the very best with whatever future adventures await, musical and otherwise.

9:22 AM, August 1st, 2015
Terry Eagan
Arthur's picture belongs alongside many respected virtues: Huge-hearted, selfless, caring, supportive, inspiring, committed and devoted to family, friends, and community. Every trip to Ottawa (from my home in Waltham, MA) is hoped to include a chance to see Arthur. From first hearing him sing "Oh Canada" at Britannia Park, to the Canadian Spaces studio with Chopper, to, well, any event in Greater Ottawa featuring warm people and fine folk music, I always have been better off being in his company. (He makes a great teammate in charity golf events; too). A most-favorite trait is Arthur's Loyalty-Lasts-Foreverness. He emanates a spirit of assisting others, with solely their positive outcome in mind. All in his purview know and appreciate his helpfulness Thanks for your Role-Modelship to us all for a bunch of decades, Arthur! "Five on ... You"!!

9:27 AM, August 1st, 2015
Tony & Laurie-Ann Copple
Ottawa died a little 23 July. It's sad that in it's latter days it was stressful for Arthur, who deserves the Freedom of the City for his presence among us all these years. Probably 30% of the Canadian artists we've played on Window of Opportunity will have had a connection with the Folklore Centre. Let's all remember that The Folklore Centre was a long-term sponsor of Canadian Spaces - a fine partnership, and a contribution to the quality of life in our fair city.

9:39 AM, August 1st, 2015
Laurie-Ann Copple
Just a little addition. My own experience with OFC continued to be welcoming and very helpful over the years (as an amateur musician). As a folk radio host, I met Arthur in one of my Ottawa Folk Festival workshops and he was wonderful on the stage - a good musician, a great storyteller and a caring human being. Thank you Arthur, for your commitment to Ottawa music.

10:04 AM, August 1st, 2015
"Listen Live" is constantly "buffering" and no sound is coming across the CKCU online player from 10:00-10:15.

10:15 AM, August 1st, 2015
Warren in Chelsea
Please make sure to ask Sneezy where his next gig will be. Thanks

10:15 AM, August 1st, 2015
Debbie Rose
Thank you, Arthur, for all that you have done for our community over the years. You and the OFC have played such an important role in nurturing budding musicians and in supporting those who have gone on to make a name for themselves professionally. You and your top-notch retail, repair and teaching staff made the OFC a hub where anyone could come in and have a chat with friendly, caring people. My sincere thanks and best wishes to all! Also, thank you, Arthur, for your constant support of Canadian Spaces and CKCU in general, for your support of the Rise Up Singing choirs and all the OFC choirs over the years, including the most recent one led by Roland Graham. Your legacy continues through the love of music that you fostered in former OFC students, including myself, and through the new community that you created with the most recent OFC choir. We held a meeting recently and agreed enthusiastically to continue since we had such a great time learning and growing together. Although we will have a new name soon, we will always remember, with gratitude, how we got our start. You and Wendy will always be a part of it, whatever form it takes! Most of all, thank you for your generosity and kind heart. I wish you and Wendy restored health and renewed vigour for the new adventures that await you. In the meantime, enjoy a well-deserved rest and take good care of yourselves, you two beautiful souls. See you again soon!

10:20 AM, August 1st, 2015
Adrienne Stevenson
What can I say? Between ShapeNote workshops and Pub Carols, Arthur & Co. provided singing workshops that couldn't be beat. And just last winter I picked up some ukulele licks - there was always something new to learn. Surely, out of all those that the OFC has nurtured over the years, there will spring a new source of the musical home all folkies need? Maybe, like the Friends of Rasputin's, a "Friends of OFC" will rise, in some form. Meanwhile, all my thanks to Arthur for having provided everything he has over the years, and best wishes for whatever the future brings.

10:24 AM, August 1st, 2015
Heather Kitching
What Bob said. The live stream cut out just after the Canadian Spaces theme. Nonetheless, I welcome this opportunity to sing the praises of Arthur. Arthur's hard work in the music business, through the Folklore Centre, the CFMAs, and countless other initiatives created work folk all kinds of musicians and industry people, including me. But Arthur's efforts for the folk music community go beyond his work with the Centre and other organizations to the gifts of kindness and fellowship he showed to so many artists and industry people. When I first moved to Ottawa in 2010, I made numerous visits to the Folklore Centre to visit with Arthur. Just hanging out in his office catching up about the scene made me feel at home in my new city. At Christmas time, Arthur even invited me to join he and Wendy for Christmas. Throughout my time in Ottawa, I continued to stop by the Folklore Centre, when my work and school schedule permitted, and it always felt like "home." Though the physical space will no longer exist, the community Arthur helped build will live on as its legacy.

10:28 AM, August 1st, 2015
Thank you Arthur for your many years and countless hours of service to our community. It would not have been the same without you.

11:00 AM, August 1st, 2015
Bob Stark
I've known Arthur since we both had pet dinosaurs. Over the millennium, he has been a constant supporter of my music - along with Sjef Frenken, I believe we were the first featured act at Carleton's Roosters Coffee House -but more so made me part of the original cast of clowns when he opened the Folklore Centre where I taught beginner guitar - to myself and then my students. Whenever I was between royalty cheques or government jobs, Arthur hired me for various endeavours, including one possibly drug-induced experimental time as an apprentice guitar repair guy. The Folklore Centre, as many have written, was a hub, a true 'center' of, and for the music community, in both locations, which means the city and out-lying areas. It was always more than a store where people bought things. Its physical loss will be felt for years; through the students, and musicians it employed, it's impact into the future, and thus its legacy, will rival such other Ottawa historical lost entities as Le Hibou. In that regard, I loved reading what Margaret Cameron-Ameen said about watching her children rush into the OFC, all excited about their musical future. To Arthur, Terry, Wendy, and all those who made the store such a gift thank you. Alas, the OFC is not the only thing silent today. I can not hear the show as the on-line service is out. From the left coast, Bob Stark

11:14 AM, August 1st, 2015
Bob M.
Still no sound online at 11:26 - hopefully catch the show later. But more importantly, I want to thank Arthur and the OFC. I purchased my fiddle and guitar there and took lessons for both. I loved my teachers and the school of music staff. Thanks OFC.

11:27 AM, August 1st, 2015
Pat Moore
Agreeing with what so many others have said, The OFC was definitely a hub for us...and the store will be missed by many. I remember the early days, as well as more recently...always the place to go if you need something, want to run into folks of like mind, get instrument repairs, etc. I hope Arthur can look at this in a lighter tone than he perhaps is now, and can find this "retirement" a transition for himself to a new chapter. Best wishes to all the staff as well...hope you all land on your feet.

11:33 AM, August 1st, 2015
Laura Smith
Arthur and the Folklore Centre made me feel like Ottawa was "my" town every time I showed up. And the value the whole operation placed on local and Canadian music is irreplaceable. Love to you all...

1:32 PM, August 1st, 2015
Paul Mills
It may be the end of OFC but the strong community that Arthur helped create will go on. The tributes are so deserved. Arthur's selfless contributions to folk music have been felt not only in Ottawa but across the country. I wish Arthur and Wendy all the best as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. And thanks for all the great memories - new ones are on the way!

3:15 PM, August 1st, 2015
Ray Harris
Wow, what hasn't been said? It's all true. Arthur - all the best and THANK YOU!

7:58 PM, August 1st, 2015
David Essig
Arthur is a wonderful friend and great supporter of all that we do.

10:59 PM, August 2nd, 2015
Alise Marlane
There are so many ways the Folklore centre has been a part of my life since I first moved to the region in '99: lessons, workshops, attending and performing in-store concerts, picking up great local and canadiana cd's, selling my own albums, posting and reading concert promo, buying and perusing instruments and song books, and of course strings, strings and more strings. I remember the Ottawa Writer's Block was convening in the basement of OFC at that time and this was my first introduction to this wonderful supportive folk community. Thank you Arthur for everything you've done to enrich our lives over so many years.

3:56 PM, August 14th, 2015
Doug Old Bald Man Torrance
Better late than never....Arthur.... a true gentleman of the music scene! I am so grateful to have known you through the years even though we had little contact. You were my coffee lifeline back at Roosters, you made it possible for me to meet Josh Graves, among others, at Roosters, and made my connection to many trips to Nashville! We in Ottawa may not have the OFC to go to any more, but the MEMORIES will always remain! I trust these last few years since the closing have been productive and happy ones.... you deserve it, my friend! Until we meet again, keep playing and singing!!

1:55 PM, January 9th, 2019