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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 2nd, 2015 with Magoo and Chris White
Magoo, John Hodson, Capital Grass & the No Men

Magoo is a singer-songwriter and a central force in the legendary Blue Skies Music Festival. He led songs at Gil's Hootenanny on May 1st (, and is heading to Toronto to participate in a tribute to Pete Seeger at Hugh's Room tomorrow (Sun. May 3rd). John Hodson hosts The Old Time Country Show on Peach City community radio in Penticton, B.C. ( Capital Grass & the No Men perform at Pressed Café on Thursday, May 7 (
Stay in the Race
Mike Stevens/ Matt Anderson - Push Record /The Banff Sessions Canadian
White Water Dream
Kate Weekes - Frost on Black Fur Canadian
David Woodhead’s Confabulation - David Woodhead’s Confabulation Canadian
Daisy DeBolt - I Can Canadian
A Passing Glimpse
Pharis and Jason Romero - A Passing Glimpse Canadian
Maggie Lachlin’s Last Storm
Theresa Doyle - Song Road Canadian
Beulah Land
Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band - Beulah Land Canadian
Indian Buffet
Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band - Beulah Land Canadian
Sausato’s Up the Creek/Cripple Creek
Kirk Elliott and the Orchestra of Unmitigated Gaul - Widdershins: The Legend of Tristan Canadian
Turn Your Radio On
Bec & Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Ten Years Old and Barefoot
Gary Fjellgaard - The Best of Gary Fjellgaard Canadian
Girl from Saskatoon
Johnny Cash - Heart of Cash Canadian
The Bottomless Cup
Jennifer Noxon - Watch As You Walk Canadian
With Curtains Drawn in a Darkened Room
Matt Gower - live in the studio Canadian
Her Friend Is the Wind
Matt Gower - live in the studio Canadian
Maple Syrup Song
Magoo - live in the studio Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Paul Reynolds in New York City
Great to hear Magoo, who's responsible for the single funniest moment I've ever seen on a stage...during an early Blue Skies, he brought the entire lost and found box and proceeded to stuff it all into his stretchy polyester pants. You had to be there,I guess, but I remember thinking this was a special festival and a special, very funny guy.

10:09 AM, May 2nd, 2015
Anyone hear the interview with Mike Tod early today on "In Town and Out" (CBC One)? He's from Calgary, and thinks that Wikipedia does not have enough info about "Canadian Folk". A valid observation and his desire to correct that is laudable and deserves support. Just from what he said he didn't seem to be aware of the full range (he mentioned Neil Young, and step-dancing but nothing in between. Anyway Mike's approach was that he's going to write to academics in musicology to get contributors... He really needs to hear from the "Space Cadets" and from all the folk-music festival organizers, etc. He gave this email address for people to contact him: <> (NB only one "d" in tod).

11:06 AM, May 2nd, 2015
I just wrote to Mike Tod -- who wants to have Canadian Folk more fully represented on Wikipedia (see above note <>). I sent the URL for this program, with the suggestion that he look up the playlists. A small start. Hope some others will send artist profiles, links to their discographies, descriptions of performing and touring in Canada, etc...

11:49 AM, May 2nd, 2015