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Canadian Spaces
Saturday March 21st, 2015 with Anne Winship and Chris White
Hannah Naiman, Rosalyn Dennett, Ellen MacIsaac, Daphne Volante, Maura Volante, Stephen Fearing

Lynn Miles plays the Black Sheep on March 28th. Hannah Naiman and Rosalyn Dennett are also in the studio. Based in Toronto, they are in the area to play several concerts, including one at the Branch in Kemptville tonight. And Ellen MacIsaac, Daphne Volante and Maura Volante preview some of the songs they'll be singing at the "Log Drive Café" at Abbotsford House on Friday, March 27. And we get an update from Stephen Fearing who plays the Full Circle Theatre in Perth on Tuesday evening ( There are lots of concert listings on the Canadian Spaces Facebook page:
Ken Walsh - Refreshments will be Served Canadian New
Howlin Down the Cumberland
John Hiatt - Master of Disaster
Copper & Stars
Megan Jerome Trio - This Uneven Pace Canadian
Jean Francois Fortier - Une Fille pour l’été Canadian
Wind’s Secret
Jennifer Noxon - Watch as You Walk Canadian
La Bottine Souriante - Xieme Canadian
Public Relations
Burnettes - Festival Man/Geoff Berner songs Canadian
Kim Barlow - Gingerbread Canadian
Rocks and Snow
David Ross MacDonald - Thorns to Sleep
A Blessing and a Curse
Jason Fowler - Temporary Ground Canadian
There Is a Lesson in Everything
Lynn Miles - Downpour Canadian
Brave Parade
Lynn Miles - Unravel Canadian
Ellen MacIsaac - live in the studio Canadian
The Crafty Maid's Policy
Maura Volante - live in the studio Canadian
Brave Marin
Daphne Volante - live in the studio Canadian
Same Old Song
Hannah Naiman - live in the studio Canadian
Hannah Naiman - live in the studio Canadian
Ring the Bells of Morning
Stephen Fearing - The Man Who Married Music Canadian
Christine Graves - Wreckless Daughter Canadian