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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 17th, 2010 with Chopper
Interview with George Laing

Can't Be Satisfied
Harry Manx - Dog My Cat Canadian
Beautifull Sun
Little Miss Higgins - Across The Plains Canadian
Mountain Kid/the Standoff
Greg Keeler - Gunless Canadian
Little One
The John Henrys - White Linen Canadian
Be A Man
Justin Rutledge - The Early Widows Canadian
Small Victory
Garnet Rogers - Small Victories Canadian
One Homeless Man
andy McGaw - Colour and Light Canadian
Eastern Gap
David Francey/Mike Ford - Seaway
Maybe She Went Crazy
Ron Hynes - Best Of
Highway 105
John Allaire - Up Hill...Both Ways Canadian
Cheap Hotel
Ron Sexsmith - Blue Boy
Tell Me
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Closer Now
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Bruce Wozny - Sleeping Dogs
Governer General
Merle Knurling - A Date With the GG
Global Economy
Eric Bogle - Take 3
Mary-Lou In Burgundy
Terry Tufts - Two Nights Live
Austin Town
Melwood Cutlery - Overstepping Boundaries
All I Ever Wanted
Lynn Miles - Chalk it Up to the Moon
Empty in the Sunrise
Cathy Miller - Dance Beneath the Moon
So High On You
Terry Tufts - Two Nights Live