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Saturday October 4th, 2014 with Jody Benjamin and Chris White
Vela, Tribute to Bob Carty

Jody Benjamin of Ball & Chain and Shout Sister fame has selected some of her favourite songs for the "40 minutes of uninterrupted folk". As well, she performs live and plays some "sneak preview" tracks from the upcoming Ball & Chain CD! ( The show also features Vela, a musician, environmentalist and Ph.D. student performing a cappella renditions of her thought-provoking topical songs ( and We also pay tribute to the late Bob Carty who demonstrated the power of radio documentaries and songs to speak the truth and improve the world.
Mohair Trio
Russell DeCarle Trio - . New
Waltz in Blue
Andrew Cowan - Duo
The Frankenstein
Swamparella - On the Line
Trouble Comes, Trouble Goes
Willie P. Bennett - Take My Own Advice
Hey Mr. Bartender
Cris Cuddy - Diamond Shine
When I Was a Broad
Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me
When I Come Back To You
Heaven's Radio - Rendezvous
That's What Makes You Strong
Jesse Winchester - Gentleman of Leisure
Hockey Skates
Kathleen Edwards - Failer
Melwood Cutlery - Campfire
Redemption Ground
Michael Jerome Browne - Twin Rivers String Band
Come On Home
Pharis & Jason Romero - Long Gone Out West Blues
I've Got the Music in Me
Shout Sister Choir - live recording
Interactive CKCU
Great to hear Jody on your show this morning Chris. I'm a Shout Sister....Jody is a wonderful director. Our weekly practices are not only filled with music... but also they are full of fun and laughter...a highlight for sure!

11:09 AM, October 4th, 2014
Millie is waiting for her song!

11:38 AM, October 4th, 2014
Why sister, WHY??

11:41 AM, October 4th, 2014
Can we hear I Love the Life?

11:51 AM, October 4th, 2014
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