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Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 16th, 2014 with Martha Walsh and Mark Hughes

Canadian Spaces Theme Sunrise
David Essig - A Stone in my pocket Canadian
Dark Side of Pride
Shari Ulrich - Every Where I go - Borealis Canadian
Road to Nowhere
Ian Tamblyn - The Labrador Canadian New
If There's Something
Jeremy Murphy - Some Form of Afterthought Canadian
The of Childhood
Stephen Fearing - Between Hurricanes Canadian
Under The Moon
Shannon Rose & The Thorns - Seasons - Summer Fall Canadian
Bottle Of Wine
The Claytones - Pontunes #2 Canadian
Jill Zmud - small matters of life and death Canadian
How The Weather Rolls In
Ian Foster - The Great Wave Canadian
Wood, Steel, Stone
R W Haller - Wasted Time Canadian
The Lucky Ones
Trouble & Daughter - Trouble & Daughter Canadian
Great Lakes
Valery Gore - Avalanche to Wandering Bear Canadian
True North
Willie Stratton - Live Canadian
Willie Stratton - Live Canadian
You walk beside me
Amanda Rheaume - Keep a Fire Canadian
In the Backseat
Ingrid Gatin - Broken Tamborine Canadian
Train ride
Young Running - Live in Studio Canadian New
Give up the ghost
Young Running - Live in Studio Canadian New
Je reve Debout
Twin Voices - Twin Voices Canadian New
Table set for two
Capital Grass and the No Men - Hunkerdownlow Canadian New
Grey Kingdom - Dawson Canadian
The littlest birds
The Be good Tanyas - Blue Horse Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Coffee! Enjoying the music this morning!

10:54 AM, August 16th, 2014
Martha Walsh (host)
Thanks Cathy! We hope the music is helping the coffee get your morning going!

10:56 AM, August 16th, 2014
Joan Powell
Thanks for the music on a rainy day. Cleaning my house with this on in the background, loving the songs and that live band was great! (good luck with the technical stuff. I was never one for electronics.)

3:49 PM, August 16th, 2014
Mrs. Robinson
Oooh, that Mark has a sexy radio voice!

6:01 PM, August 16th, 2014
Mrs. Robinson

6:02 PM, August 16th, 2014
We streamed it here at the cottage in Harcourt. Perfect music for hanging out by the fire and thanks for the shoutout!

9:46 PM, August 16th, 2014
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