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Canadian Spaces
Saturday November 23rd, 2013 with Lynne Hanson and Chris White
Simone Deneau, Corb Lund, David Keeble, Christmas Goose

Casino El Camino
Lynn Miles - Love Sweet Love Canadian
Diving Duck Blues
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit - Jubilee Canadian
Time to Switch to Whiskey
Corb Lund - Five Dollar Bill Canadian
She's Drinkin' Again
David Baxter - Patina Canadian
Little Stream of Whiskey
Old Man Luedecke - Tender Is the Night Canadian
Colour My Summers Blue
Lynne Hanson - live performance Canadian
Smoke More Than I Drink
Romi Mayes - Sweet Somethings Steady Canadian
Ron Hynes - Ron Hynes Canadian
Alcohol and Pills
Fred Eaglesmith - Lipstick, Lies and Gasoline Canadian
Baby in the Black and White
Madison Violet - No Fool for Trying Canadian
Interview with Simone Deneau, producer of "NAC Presents" - see
The Truth Comes Out
Corb Lund - Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer Canadian
Alberta's Child
Ian Tyson - All the Good 'Uns Canadian
Interview with Alberta-based singer-songwriter Corb Lund on tour in New York. He plays NAC's Southam Hall with Ian Tyson on Sat. Nov. 30.
Interview with Ottawa musician David Keeble. He plays the "Tunes After Noon" series at Mooney's Bay Bistro this afternoon from 1 to 3 pm, and the 11th annual "Christmas Goose" concert next Saturday evening at the NAC Fourth Stage.
One More Song
David Keeble - live in the studio Canadian
Angels in the Snow
David Keeble - live in the studio Canadian
Interview with Ottawa musician Pat Moore on a Home Routes house concert tour in Lethbridge, Alberta. She produces the annual Christmas Goose concerts at the NAC. Pat's website is
Looking for the One
David Keeble - live in the studio Canadian
Foolish Things
Lynne Hanson - live in the studio Canadian
Interview with Ottawa musician Tony Turner on the road in Huntsville. His website is
Interactive CKCU
Gordon McGregor
self destruction by artists

10:45 AM, November 23rd, 2013
Bob McKenna
Please do all the Lynn Hanson songs she wants to sing... :)

10:58 AM, November 23rd, 2013
Jim Mountain
years ago, was asked to assist in finding a music act for the Midnight Days Rodeo in Fort Macleod Alberta..Ian Tyson lived up in the Porcupine Hills..I called him..he was kind of down on his luck at that band..we had a long talk, and I helped find a band...I took all this info back to the committee and the Chair said " $300 - Too much !) (this was the early 80') they hired his nephew's band ..and about a year or so later Ian released Navaho Rug..and was on his way back , big time...I treasure the conversation with him though, always.and most definitely going on the 30th !! thanks so much for bringing those true cowboys to Ottawa

11:04 AM, November 23rd, 2013
Gordon McGregor
Does Lynn do home concerts?

11:18 AM, November 23rd, 2013
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