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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 22nd, 2010 with Julie Element and Judy Jibb
Interview with Charlie Sohmer

One Tree (3)
Harmonie Rose - Songs From the Edge of the World Canadian
Heartbeats Accelerating
Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Heartbeats Accelerating Canadian
Little Gomez
Eric Bogle - Take 3
A Good Dog is Lost
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change Canadian
Billy Bragg - England, Half English
Dave McCann - Woodland Tea Canadian
Title Track
Merle Knurling & the Silent K - A Date with the G.G. Canadian New
Out in the Yard
Bruce Wozny - Sleeping Dogs Canadian
Magic Pleasure
Monique and Rick - Other Voices Canadian
Pacific Avenue
John Carroll - lost radio Canadian
Young Howard (6)
Fuzzy Recollections - Demo Canadian
Courier du Bois (9)
Ken Hamm - Cross the River Canadian
Baltimore (12)
Mike O'Brien - Mike O'Brien Canadian
Hey Baby (1)
Collette Savard - Most Improved Cheerleader Canadian
Brush and Paddle (3)
Ian Tamblyn - Angel's Share Canadian
Various originals with Contra Band
Charlie Sohmer - Live Canadian
Lowlands Away
Rufus Wainwright - Rogues Gallery Canadian
All I Ever Wanted (1)
Lynn Miles - Black Flowers Vol II
Last Word (5)
Willie P. Bennett - Heart Strings