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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 25th, 2013 with Jody Benjamin and Chris White
Roxanne Goodman, Sneezy Waters, Pat Moore

A Case of You
Joni Mitchell - Misses Canadian
Love Song of the Dump
Washboard Hank - Sweet Mysteries of Life Canadian
Jenney Whiteley
Jenny Whiteley - Gloria Canadian
Careless Loving
Roxanne Potvin - Careless Loving Canadian
Girl on a Road
Ferron - Driver Canadian
Talk Hockey
Wendell Ferguson - Happy Songs Sell Records... Canadian
Dust Poets - Lovesick Town Canadian
Melwood Cutlery - Campfire Canadian
Pale Blue Rose
Robert David - Chasing the Ghosts Canadian
Maybelle's Muse
Jess Reimer - Sweet Darling and Sorrow Canadian
Her Heart of Mine
Sneezy Waters - Sneezy Waters Canadian
Roxanne Goodman - Live in CKCU Canadian
Perfume and Grace
Amanda Bon - Down the Road Canadian New
Heart of Me
Keith Glass - Bad Dog Canadian New
Farmer's Protest
Pat Moore - Live in CKCU Canadian
Lone Pine Standing
Maple Hill (Pat Moore) - North to Ontario 2007 Canadian