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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 11th, 2013 with Ian Tamblyn and Martha Walsh
Weird with Cats

Hey Buster
The Fretless - Waterbound - Independent Canadian
Tickle Cove Pond
Ron Hynes - Anothr Time compilation - A Pigeon Inlet Canadian
Papa's on the Rooftop
Sneezy Waters - Sneezy Waters - Eating Crow Canadian
The Blackfly Song
Wade Hemsworth - The Songs of Wade Hemsworth - Peermusic Canada Canadian
Why'd I buy the Ticket
Kate Weekes - Land Shaping the People - MAPL Canadian
Chi Mi Na Morrbheanna
The Rankin Family - The Rankin Family - EMI Canadian
Jolie Louise
Daniel Lanois - Acadie - Opal Canadian
Water in the ground
Catherine McLellan - Water in the ground - True North Canadian
Midwestern Lament
Jason Fowler - Temporary Ground - Great Big Music Canadian
A La Claire Fontaine
Folle Avoine - Au Rythme du Courant - RCI Canadian
Shamaling Dang Dong
Jesse Winchester - Love Filling Station - Sugar Hill Records Canadian
Closing Time
Leonard Cohen - The Future - Columbia Canadian
Just Another Day
Dan McKinnon - Just Another Day - MAPL Canadian
Mashed Potatoes
Hey Buster - Yeti Loves Spaghetti - Independent Canadian New
Weird with Cats - Live in Studio Canadian
Annies Ghost
Weird with Cats - Live in Studio Canadian
Take me, Take care
Weird with Cats - Live in Studio Canadian
Converted to nothing
Weird with Cats - What she wants me to see Canadian
Go To Bed
Hey Buster - Yeti Likes Spaghetti Canadian New
Many Hands
Melwood Cutlery - Home in the Country Canadian New
Summer in Blyth
Melwood Cutlery - Home in the Country Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Tim Appleby
Hi Martha and Ian - Enjoying the show as usual. Let there be light!

10:48 AM, May 11th, 2013
Ray Barfitt
Hi Martha and Ian. Great show! I especially enjoyed that Dan McKinnon song, Ron Hines, Daniel Lanois and all the others. Thanks for keeping the show going in Chopper's spirit.

11:28 AM, May 11th, 2013
Martha Walsh (host)
Thanks guys - we now have light! Thanks to tic. Ian and I are having loads of fun!

11:35 AM, May 11th, 2013
Bob & Joyce
Sorry guys, we support Canadian Spaces every year, and not to be negative, but music like Weird with Cats is not what we tune in to hear..

11:37 AM, May 11th, 2013
pilar merriweather
yea! a lot more melwood and lot less wwc!

12:53 PM, May 11th, 2013
Martha Walsh (host)
So happy to have filled in today for Chris White and for being part of a show that promotes young local talent so that they may get experience. Thank you Ian Tamblyn for being such a great co-host, to Matt Gower and Weird with Cats for their performance, and a big thank you to Melwood Cutlery for coming into the studio and for his new CD "Home in the Country"

1:30 PM, May 11th, 2013
Nice to hear your voice on Mother's Day Matt, even if it wasn't in the way I'd hoped,it was still nice.

4:09 PM, May 12th, 2013
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