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The Deep Blue
Saturday September 3rd, 2011 with Jon Degan

On the Run (Ocean to shore mix)
Tillman Uhrmacher - On the Run - Radikal Records
Airwave vs. Rising Star - Sunspot - Trance Corporation Recordings
Am I on your Mind?
Oxygen - Am I on you Mind? - Switch
Is This The Way I Feel? (Progress mix)
Musix - Is This The Way I Feel? - Bonzai
Metro (Org. Club mix)
Utlra Spin - Metro / The Dawn - Trance Corporation Recordings
Don't you Want Me
KK Project - Don't you Want Me - white
Love is a Ocean (Silverblue Remix)
Sureno - Love is an Ocean - Silicon Rec.
Please Save Me
Sunscreem vs. Push - Please save me - XTC
Urban Voodoo - Destiny / Acidity - 541
Silver Bath
Plastic Boy - Silver Bath - Bonzai
The Dawn
Ultra Spin - Metro / The Dawn - Trance Corporation Recordings
Cloudwalking (Beat Pusher rmx)
Pulser - Cloudwalking - ATCR
Hour 2 - house
Benjamin Bates - Whole - ID&T
In my Arms (King Unique rmx)
Mylo - In my Arms - Breastfed
Moonlight Party (Da Cove rmx)
Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party - UMM
Rock The Funky Beats (Peter Presta Original Mix)
Peter Presta - Rock the Funky Beats - Apple Jaxx
The Heartbreakers - Heartbreaker - Work It Baby
the Difference it makes
The MFA - the Difference it makes - Border Community