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The Deep Blue
Saturday November 22nd, 2014 with VH3
Feature on sunsetmelodies & guest DJ Kid Eye

Warm beach music for a chilly night.

VH3 presents a feature on the sunsetmelodies label (Germany)

Sunset Melodies is part of the Fuzzy Recordings collective, and is focused on Progressive House/Progressive Trance, identified by releases with richly melodic arrangements that provide an ample of aural indulgence.

Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Chicane, Cosmic Gate, EDX, Jaytech, Ruben De Ronde, Ost & Meyer, tyDi, Thomas Datt, Boom Jinx, DJ FEEL, Steve Anderson, Moonbeam, Hazem Beltagui and Sunny Lax support the label, with many more.

“We see Sunset Melodies mainly as a movement of passionate people…want to move people by bringing music that takes a listener into another world.” What’s more, the label serves as a platform for undiscovered talent that “…gives them an opportunity to be heard within a vast majority of networks, establish an identity with an outlet for their music.” Ultimately, “We want to bring as many people into the underground [scene…and our main goal is to make people happy with the type of music we release.”
Fortun feat. Cory Friesenhan - Stories - sunsetmelodies New
Evence - Unreleased - sunsetmelodies New
Green & Yellow
Richard Bass - Green & Yellow - sunsetmelodies New
Palm Beach (Zeni Remix)
MacRamsey - Palm Beach - sunsetmelodies New
Zuubi - Reunion - sunsetmelodies New
Galleon (Talamanca Remix)
Glaue - Galleon - sunsetmelodies New
Beachbreeze (Jayeson Andel Remix)
Funkydrive - Beachbreeze - sunsetmelodies Canadian New
Blood Moon
Alex H - Blood Moon - sunsetmelodies
Zeni - Pure - sunsetmelodies
Please Hold Your Promises (Perihelia Mashup)
MacRamsey vs Andain - Unreleased - Unreleased New
Hour 2

Kid Eye
Walk in NY
Atollo K - Deeper Vibes - PDSD Music
Why Does The Wind (Michel Cleis Remix)
Tracey Thorn - Why Does The Wind Ep - Merge Records
Change the World (feat. Karlon Brooks Sr.)
Dennis Ferrer - Kings on King Street, Vol. 2 - King Street Sounds New
El Sonido
Jungle Soul - The House of Jazz Vol.1 - EMUQ New
Tampa Soul (Runaway Main Mix)
FTL Presents - The House of Jazz Vol.1 - EMUQ New
Straight Out the Jungles
Marlon D - The House of Jazz Vol.1 - EMUQ New
Rosa Nova (Produced by Sergio Flores) (Sergio Flores 2010 Re-Medix)
Hanna Hais - Bargrooves Deluxe - Bargrooves
The Secret Life of the Beach (Deeper Solution)
Baax Dj - Deeper Vibes - PDSD Music
Turnover (Bicycle Corporation Remix)
Dimix - Deep Sense The Very Best Of Deep House - House of House
Bless the Funk
Carlos Rubio - The Best of Deep House Vol 5 - PDSD Music
Music Hypnotizing
Chris Sammarco, Margie Martino - Music Hypnotizing Ep - Bahia Music
Interactive CKCU
... is dialed in for another 2 hours of awesome muzik

12:03 AM, November 22nd, 2014
The Deep Blue (host)
Thanks for joining us for another Friday night :)

12:07 AM, November 22nd, 2014
Jon Degan
Listening live from Toronto! It's as cold here as back in Ottawa, but at least all the right teams are winning. :)

12:14 AM, November 22nd, 2014
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