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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday August 24th, 2018 with John Westhaver
a prevailing darkness pt. II

Bonnacons Of Doom - S/T - Rocket Recordings
Pretty Blown
Frozen Planet....1969 - Electric Smokehouse - Headspin
How About This For My Hair? Part A
Laddio Bolocko - Live & Unreleased 1997-2000 - No Quarter
In Santiago Airspace
John McBain - The In-Flight Feature - Duna
Bring Out The Dead
The Cult Of Dom Keller - Goodbye To The Light - Fuzz Club
There Will Be Waste
The Final Age - S/T - Cardinal Fuzz
Cosmic Green
Cosmic Invention - Help Your Satori Mind - Drag City
Sunday's Song
The Stark Reality - Roller Coaster Ride - Now-Again
Vibe Killer
Endless Boogie - Vibe Killer - No Quarter
Melange - Viento Bravo - Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Higher Now
Drakkar Nowhere - S/T - Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
The Myrrors - Borderlands - Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Moerassen Van De Gouw
Bart De Paepe - Pagus Wasiae - Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Hangin On
Garcia Peoples - Cosmic Cash - Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Liquid Visions - Hypnotized - Sysyphus
Air To Space
Electric Moon - Live In Kosmos - Sulatron
Strange Fish
Sendelica - Strange Fish One - Fruits de Mer
Follakzoid feat. J. Spaceman - London Session - Sacred Bones
Pink Lady Lemonade (You're So Sweet)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Live in Occident - Detector
Interactive CKCU
Jouncy music, I say. (looks up definition of "jouncy")

9:50 AM, August 24th, 2018
John Westhaver (host)
alternates....{:>)))) I like it

9:52 AM, August 24th, 2018
I like it when long pieces (like this one right now) change rhythms at some points. *East Meets West*, for example.

10:03 AM, August 24th, 2018
(by Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

10:04 AM, August 24th, 2018
John Westhaver (host)
great stuff !

10:04 AM, August 24th, 2018
Elorious Cain
I had to turn you off for a few minutes (I'm at work) and turn you back on to a raging sea and noise! Cool!

11:50 AM, August 24th, 2018
Elorious Cain
That's 'a raging sea of noise'

11:51 AM, August 24th, 2018
Wee-haw! premature BBC come-on!

11:52 AM, August 24th, 2018
John Westhaver (host)
dropped the record jacket on the mouse !!!

11:57 AM, August 24th, 2018
Thufferin' thuccotash! Durned mouseth!

11:58 AM, August 24th, 2018
...and a part in this cut sounded like you hit the 'motor off' on the turntable!

12:07 PM, August 24th, 2018
John Westhaver (host)
Ha ! in the recording...

12:21 PM, August 24th, 2018
I know. They're just trying to make you look bad. With an action from years ago. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

12:24 PM, August 24th, 2018
Good old Acid Mothers

12:38 PM, August 24th, 2018