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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday September 22nd, 2017 with John Westhaver
ego trip at the gates of hell...

Circle - Leviatan - Full Contact
Träd, Gräs Och Stenar - Tack För Kaffet - Subliminal Sounds
Central Nervous System
Dead Sea Apes featuring Hannah Grasskamp - 7" - Cardinal Fuzz
In Santiago Airspace
John McBain - The In-Flight Feature - Duna
Electric Orange - Platte - Catweezle
Rainy Day Sunshine Girl
Faust - od serca do duszy - Dirter
The Roadmap in Your Heart
Spirits Burning & Daevid Allen - 7" - Gonzo Multimedia
Top Of The Mountain
Instant Flight - Colours & Lights - Beard Of Stars
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Anton Barbeau - 7" - Fruits de Mer
Hawkwind - Levitation - Bronze
Resin Scraper - 7" - Birdman Sound
Low Lifes
Endless Boogie - Focus Level - No Quarter
Erotic Blues
Pacific Sound - Forget Your Dream! - Long Hair
Harmagedon Dragonlove
Dies Irae - First - Ohrwaschal / Lucky Pig
Sleeping For Years (Atomic Rooster)
Sacri Monti - Burnout (3x7" comp) - Tee Pee
Spaceship Earth (Road)
Joy - Burnout (3x7" comp) - Tee Pee
Bermuda (Roky Erickson)
Harsh Toke - Burnout (3x7" comp) - Tee Pee
Jan Birth Jam
Anthroprophh - SRR 2.5: Special Love Songs For Hard-Working People In Alarm Clock Britain - Creepy Crawl
The Loop
Electric Moon - Stardust Rituals - Sulatron
Seven Disguises
Change Of Heart - Slowdance - Fringe
Louis Grapes
The Jerry Gross Organization - Processed Hearts - self released
Behind You Back
Shit and Shine - Some People Really Know How To Live - Editions Mego
I (9:57)
Heroin In Tahiti - Remoria - Grandangolo
Baby Judy
The Hawaiian Pups - Split Second Precision - Portrait
Reflections in the Minds Eye
Øresund Space Collective - Hallucinations Inside the Oracle - Space Rock Productions
Interactive CKCU
Morning John! Love Friday mornings when I can listen live to Friday Morning Cartunes! Makes my day. Great show so far!

10:14 AM, September 22nd, 2017
John Westhaver (host)
Hi Meg ! Always great to know yer oout there {:>))))

10:16 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Hello. No, I have nothing to say.

10:19 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Me either.

10:21 AM, September 22nd, 2017
HI, John....Meeting onto more important listening to whatever awesomeness you have lined up for us today.

10:26 AM, September 22nd, 2017
John Westhaver (host)
Hello Benoit and Russ !

10:27 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Michael Ryan

11:03 AM, September 22nd, 2017
John Westhaver (host)
Thanks Todd and hello Michael ! {:>))))

11:04 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Michael Ryan
I'm still getting caught up on the shows from the summer....!

11:17 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Elorious Cain
Loving the title. Some believe that good great of an ego can lead to version of pure evil. But then again what is evil?

11:19 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Elorious Cain
That is 'too great of an ego' there.

11:21 AM, September 22nd, 2017
John Westhaver (host)
Willie Dixon knows... {:>))))

11:22 AM, September 22nd, 2017
Professor Mike
Awesome show as always and loved the Electric Moon track The Loop

12:55 PM, September 22nd, 2017
John, I can never tell which song is playing. If you put the lengths of the songs next to the title, I could work out what was playing. Then I would know what to buy when I heard something special.

4:49 PM, September 22nd, 2017
Michael Ryan
Great point, Bert - I agree!

12:01 PM, September 23rd, 2017