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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday August 19th, 2016 with John Westhaver
soar with angels...

I'm The Message
Karl Bartos - Communication - Trocadero
Automat - Plusminus - Bureau B
Lau Ridyou Bil Hijaz?
Jerusalem In My Heart - If He Dies, If If If If If - Constellation
Solyst - Lead - Bureau B
Schneider / Kacirek - Shadows Ducuments - Bureau B
Love Machine
Space Art - V.A. - Cosmic Machine - Because
Ombilic Contact
The Atomic Crocus - V.A. - Cosmic Machine - Because
Transmission 2
Black Tempest - Enfolding Light - self released
Space Ritual - Otherworld - Esoteric
Urban Guerilla
Heavy Friends - Volume 1 - self released
Magic Potion
The Open Mind - S/T - Second Battle
Do It Allright
Vibravoid - Minddrugs - Fruits de Mer
Psychic Attack
The Radiation Flowers - S/T - Sundowning/Dub Ditch Picnic
Improvisation #2
Quad - S/T - Acme
Potter's Field
Dan McGuire with White Hills - Phosphene River - Presdigitation
Circle - Alotus - Klangbad
Ich Sitze Immer Noch
Faust - Just - Bureau B
Camera - Phantom Of Liberty - Bureau B
Carlton Melton - Out To Sea - Agitated
General Klickman
Ziguri - K├Âlsch-Schickert-Erdenreich - Bureau B
Expo 70 - Inception - Sonic Meditations
Bridge of Regret (final mix)
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Elevator (pre-release Nov. 2016) - Cardinal Fuzz
Om Riff From The Cosmic Inferno (excerpt)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Iao Chant From The Cosmic Inferno - Ace Fu
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Awesome show and I am a huge fan of The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol.

11:24 PM, August 19th, 2016
Love that General Klickman song. Always a great show, I listen to every one

10:40 AM, August 20th, 2016
Elorious Cain
I had never heard that Space Art track "love machine' before.

4:22 AM, August 25th, 2016