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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday July 22nd, 2016 with John Westhaver
never a dogs diner...

Cloudland Canyon - Silver Tongued Sisyphus - Holy Mountain
Good White...Good Green
Shit & Shine - Good White...Good Green 12" EP - Heated Heads
Time 5
Kunlun - Time Remaining Unknown - Audiomer
Elektrobahn auf Abwegen
Baldruin - Portal - Wounded Knife
Human Krill
Whirling Hall Of Knives - Seacht -
Arbeit / Schickert / Schneider TM - ASS - Bureau B
Side A: 19:36
St. Francis Duo - Peacemaker Assembly - Trost
Return To Punjab
Bobby Beausoleil - Orb - Black Moss
Wo bist Du?
Popol Vuh - Einsjager & Siebenjager - Wah Wah
Death & Vanilla - S/T - Fire
Life On Earth
Life! On Earth - Look!! There Is Life On Earth - Subliminal Sounds
Daevid Allen Weird Quartet - Elevenses - Purple Pyramid
Ass You Pass By
White Hills - split 10" - Fuzz Club
Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole
Cult Of Dom Keller - split 10" - Fuzz Club
Exquisite Lust
Expo '70 - Exquisite Lust - Sonic Meditations
Planeta Bur
Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked - Sulatron
The Clear Realization
Man Forever with So Percussion - Ryonen - Thrill Jockey
Sunfire Drug Haus
The Radiation Flowers - S/T - self released
Part 1
Khunnt - Failures - Riot Season
Klaus Schulze - Body Love - Brain
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Awesome first set and I always tune in every Friday

10:47 AM, July 22nd, 2016
John Westhaver (host)
Nice...welcome aboard {:>)

10:59 AM, July 22nd, 2016
Benoit from Ottawa
Ditto Pr Mike

10:59 AM, July 22nd, 2016
John Westhaver (host)
Thanks Benoit !

11:19 AM, July 22nd, 2016
Benoit from Ottawa
Well, this show is without peer in my listening landscape (mostly radio and web); I've "converted" an R3 listener from Detroit, but really, he listened to the show once and was hooked; so it wasn't *me*, but the quality of Friday Morning Cartunes that shone.

11:48 AM, July 22nd, 2016
Russ Gordon
Benoit speaks the truth, I'm a convert. And a fan of Leisure Birds, thanks to you, John. Bought Tetrahedron the day after I heard you play a song.

12:01 PM, July 22nd, 2016
Dropped out to check the dinner - where are we up to???

12:21 PM, July 22nd, 2016
John Westhaver (host)
That was Radiation Flowers I believe

12:34 PM, July 22nd, 2016
Elorious Cain
Another incredible journey

3:37 PM, July 25th, 2016