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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday February 12th, 2016 with John Westhaver
outward source

Saddar Bazaar - Sarmadi Express 7" - Enraptured
Locomotive (Sonic Boom Remix)
Sonic Jesus - 7" - Fuzz Club
The Trickster
Tau - Wirikuta - Fuzz Club
Where Space Ends Time Begins
Deep Space Destructors - Spring Break From Space - Space Rock Productions
The Smoke of Hashish
Hashish - 7" - Subliminal Sounds
Mother Sky (Live)
Vibravoid - Loudness For The Masses - Tonzonen
Camera - S/T - Bureau B
f = (2.3)
Carter Tutti Void - f/x - Industrial Recs
A Wooden Box
Factory Floor - 10" - Factory Floor Records
Chef Menteur - III - Sunrise Ocean Bender
Sixth Side Of The Pentagon
Dead Sea Apes - Spectral Domain - Sunrise Ocean Bender
Sunrise Ocean
Juju - S/T - Sunrise Ocean Bender
Don't Forget To Pray
Sons Of The Void - S/T - Sunrise Ocean Bender
Space Mountain
Evening Fires - Where I've Been Is Places - Sunrise Ocean Bender
Mile Dorcha
Fuego-3 - track - soundcloud
3rd Ear Experience - Incredible Good Fortune - Space Rock Productions
Resounding Cavity
Healing Force Project - Gravitational Lensing - Firecracker
Cavalier Song - Blezard - God Unknown
Metal Petal
Henge - S/T - God Unknown
No Escape From Now
Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound Of - Sulatron
Towards The Planet Of Love
Seven That Spells - It Came From The Planet Of Love - self released