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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday November 20th, 2015 with John Westhaver
Dinosauric Future Robotic

Robert Wyatt - Different Every Time - Domino
The One Not Me Not I
Cranium Pie - single - Fruits de Mer
Sands Of Time
Astralasia - Friends Of The Fish - Fruits de Mer
Requiem 1 / The Caterpillar Song (demo)
Soft Hearted Scientists - Exorcising The Demos - Fruits de Mer
Super Fantasmal Heroine
The Luck Of Eden Hall - Friends Of The Fish - Fruits de Mer
Joy of Home
Fogg - High Testament - Tee Pee
Live At Gorilla
Gnod - single - Rocket Recordings
Circle - Alotus - Klangbad
The Hawk-Headed Lord of Silence
Black Tempest - Darkness Unfolding - Optical Sounds
Ziguri - S/T - Bureau B
Strobe - Fallen Angel EP - Fuofo
Weltraum - Sounds Of The Underground - Nasoni
The Demolisionist's Handbook
The Jerry Gross Organization - Just Pull It Down - Giallo Canadian
Heavy Dissent
Shooting Guns - Brothers Of The Nod - Pre-Rock / Helmet Lady Canadian
Girl Seizure
Last Ex - S/T - Constellation Canadian
Face a L'instant Part 3
Zubberdust! - Avec Le Soleil... - Constellation Canadian
Jack Dupon - Tete de Chein - Musea
A Love Supreme
Superfjord - Coltrane - Fruits de Mer
Get Used To It
Neck - Hate To Read - Uncle D Canadian
Lightspeed Mother
Electric Shakes - S/T - TES
Icegrill 420
Workin' Man Noise Unit - Play Loud - Riot Season
The Great German
Early Mammal - Take A Lover - Riot Season
Million Acre Fire
Henry Blacker - Summer Tombs - Riot Season
Jupiter Flyby (In Memory of Doug Walker)
Oresund Scpace Collective - It's All about Delay - SRP