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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday July 31st, 2015 with John Westhaver
pipe down...

The Black Tomato Part One
Oresund Space Collective - The Black Tomato - SRP
Chrono-Naut [phase I-IV]
Eternal - Lucifer's Children - Rise Above
Talk's Cheap
Flipper - Gone Fishin' - Subterranean
Final Solution
Bored - Take It Out On You - Desperate
Heart Of Darkness
Pere Ubu - Terminal Tower - Rough Trade
Scientists - Atom Bomb Baby - Au-go-go
The Hate Inside
Beasts of Bourbon - Sour Mash - Bang
Give Yourself A Chance
Agnes Strange - Strange Flavour - Wow
Loose Cannons
Hits - Hikikomori - Beast
Thinkin' Some Mor
Cheater Slicks - Live Vol. 3 - Columbus Discount
Mr. Fog / Uptight (But All Right)
The Mike Gunn - V.A. - Drilling The Curve - Fleece
Time Regained
Bong - We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been - Ritual Productions
Solar Stomp
Pharaoh Overlord - Horn - Svart
In The Lap Of The Dragon
Castor - Quadrasonic Salvation - Lodge Facility
Mainliner - Revelation Space - Riot Season
Slut Dust
Electric Magma - Canadian Samurai - Around Ahead
Ancient Arctic Wanderer
Monobrow - Big Sky Black Horse - Indie
Thumper's Theme / Instruments of Hellfire
Satan's Satyrs - Die Screaming - Trash King
The Great Somnambulist
11 Paranoias - Stealing Fire From Heaven - Ritual Productions) LP
Oak - Beyond Oblivion - Electricity
Space Truckin'
Deep Purple - Made In Japan - Warner