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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday November 21st, 2014 with John Westhaver a brass monkey in outer space

Colour Haze - los Sounds De Krauts - Nasoni
Weltraum - Spirituality - Nasoni
When The Great Whale Comes
Ethiva - S/T - Clostridium
Into The Limbo
Reversed Nature - Into The Limbo - Cosmic Eye
Part I
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - Night Gallery - Thrill Jockey
Sand - Golem - Rotorelief
Sur Le Ventre
Faust - Just - Bureau B
Leslie Winer - Witch - Superior Viaduct
L'Eau Etait Vitale
Fille Qui Mousse - Se taire pour une femme trop belle - Bichon
Dark Blue Star
Guru Guru - Psy - indie
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Pathfinder - Birdman Sound
Rhyton - Kykeon - Thrill Jockey
Arrival: signals, sighs and lullabies
Pachyderm - T-CE ! - Brothers & Sisters
The Last Time We Were Here
M. Geddes Gengras - Collected Works Vol. 2 - Umor Rex
One Hundred Steps
Craig Leon - Nommos/Visiting - ReRVNG
Doors Of Perception
Lamp Of The Universe - Split - Headspin
I Ain't Waiting / Intensity Ghost
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band - Intensity Ghost - No Quarter
Psychological Overture / Floating Anarchy...
Gong - Live Floating Anarchy - Charly