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Friday Morning Cartunes
Friday April 12th, 2013 with John Westhaver
...on the edge of darkness...

Jane - S/T - Brain
Clock On The Wall
The Guess Who? - It's Time - Quality Canadian
April Mountain
Christmas - Heritage - Akarma Canadian
Carrion Fly
Zaphire Oktalogue - S/T - Nasoni
Blessed Twilight
Klaus Schulze & Gunter Schickert - Session - Mirumir
DRCARLSONALBION - La Strega and The Cunning Man In The Smoke - Latitudes
Rabbit Foot And Toby Time /Half Moon Bay
Mott The Hoople - S/T - Island
Linger Still
Rick White - The Album - Blue Fog Canadian
Hungry Ghosts
Moon Rises - Frozen Altars - Captcha
Winter Slutch
Ellison - S/T - Void Canadian
the Exploding Meet - Avant Karaoke - Birdman Sound Canadian
Tremors From The Future
Guapo - The History Of The Visitation - Cuneiform
Teresa Of Avila
A. Cisneros - 7" - Sinai
O Jackie O
ONO - Machines That Kill People - Priority Male
March Of The Trolls
Blue Max - Limited Edition - Solar Canadian
West Nile Curiousity
the band whose name is a symbol - TBWNIS Vs. The Purveyors Of Conspicuous Authenticity - Birdman Sound Canadian
Papir - III - El Paraiso
Esoh Lucius
Sammal - S/T - Svart
The Clay God
The Re-Stoned - Plasma - Nasoni
Strange Waves
Quest For Fire - S/T - Tee Pee Canadian
Flat Black
Neil Merryweather - Merryweather, Richardson & Boers - Kent Canadian
End Of Our Time
Jeronimo - S/T - Jeronimo Music
Zone Six - Live Wired 2004 - Nasoni