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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday September 6th, 2012 with Mark and Sean
Norway Part III

More Norway!
goretex weather report
Shining - in the kingdom of kitsch you will be a monster - rune grammofon
Slav to the Rhythm
Farmer's Market - Slav to the Rhythm - Division Records New
Call Me
Pixel - Reminder - Cuneiform Records New
Star Spangle Pillow
Huntsville - For Flowers, Cars, and Merry Wars - Hubro Music
Lord of the Night
White Willow - Ignus Fatuus - Laser's Edge
Thule - Natt
Isle of Kawi
Akasha - Akasha - Ad Perpetuum Memoriam
Burning Bridges
Deja Vu - Between the Leaves - Research Records
Folque - Folque - Pan
Folque - Folque - Pan
Mari Boine - Idjagiedas - Universal
The Entry of the ticket inspectors
Panzerpappa - Goldfish Babysitting
Hasta Siempre
Jan Gabarek - Witchi-Tai-To - ECM