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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday August 16th, 2012 with mark and sean
Indonesian independence day

Indonesia Maharddhika
Guruh Gipsy - Guruh Gipsy - Dela Rohita
Abbhama - Alam Raya - private
Ethno Funk
Tohpati Ethnomission - Save The Planet - Moonjune
Ligro - Dictionary - Moonjune
verso Kartini - door duisternis tot licht!
Discus - ...tot licht! - Intrepid Music
She Passed Away
Godbless - Godbless
Giant on the Move
Giant Step - Giant on the Move
Didunia Yang Lain
Ariesta Birawa - Ariesta Birawa
Sono Seni Ensemble - SuitaSuit
Blues Jean Biru
Djaduk Ferianto & Kua Etnika - Orkes Sumpeg Nang Ning Nong
Interactive CKCU
Wow, I didn't know you guys have all of those in your collection. Not bad at all. Thanks guys! You rock!

9:00 PM, August 16th, 2012
Mark Keill (host)
Thanks Gama! Indonesian music rocks! 8^)

9:20 PM, August 16th, 2012
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