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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday July 12th, 2012 with mark keill
yet more newer stuff

Through The Veil
Motorpsycho - The Death Defying Unicorn - rune Grammofon
Alamaailman Vasarat - Valta - Nordic Notes
A Thread
Crippled Black Phoenix - (Mankind) The Crafty Ape - Cool Green New
16 Feet Below
Dean Watson - Imposing Elements - independent Canadian
Double Helix
Electric Asturias - Fractals - Poseidon
Cucamonga - alter heuvo - Altrrock
Man in Angel
Music Ficta - A Child in a Well - Altrrock
Dimension M
Franck Dervieux - Dimension M - Prgoquebec Canadian
Franck Dervieux - Dimension M - Prgoquebec Canadian
Door Mekaar
Het Pandora Ensemble - III - Modulas
Hidrai Spacefolk - <single> - independent New
Valigie di Terra
Alphataurus - Live In Bloom - btf
The First Day
Karcius - The First Day - Unicorn Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
David Dalle
Great show, I love CKCU on demand!

2:36 PM, July 13th, 2012
Broil Guarana
Agreed. Infinite Ceiling during the work day kind of rules.

10:53 AM, July 17th, 2012
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