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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday January 25th, 2024 with Colin & Emily
Infinite Ceiling: Thursday Evenings w/ Colin & Emily

Some Joyless Bodies, Bad Religion, Softcult and a nifty little tune from Vancouver's own Destroyer on another episode of Infinite Ceiling!
Deli Girl
Sun Casino - Deli Boy
Josh Gilligan - Control
The Brazen Youth - Eagle, Idaho
HILOTRONS - Happymatic Canadian
Put It Down
Spiderbait - Tonight Alright
Red Room
Joyless Bodies - Sleep Over Canadian New
Bright Side
The Speakeasy - The Speakeasy Canadian New
Bad Religion - The Process of Belief
Cameronoise - Id’s My Party Canadian
The Light In Us All
Jim Guthrie, J.J. Ipsen - You, Me, and Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster Canadian
Diamond Violence
Marker Starling - Diamond Violence Canadian
When You Know You Know
The Beths - Expert In A Dying Field
Anna Klein - Single Canadian
House of Mirrors
Softcult - Year Of The Snake Canadian
Pom Pom Squad - Death Of A Cheerleader
Cue Synthesizer
Destroyer - Have We Met Canadian
Interactive CKCU
sat in on guitar with last one...Cake i

9:59 PM, January 25th, 2024
I miss Mac;-)

9:59 PM, January 25th, 2024