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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday February 23rd, 2023 with Colin & Emily
At War with the Winter Blues on Infinite Ceiling!

Playing fresh new material from talented artists across the country to help you stave off the dreariness of a cold February evening!
JW Francis - Dream House
Fer Sher - Step Siblings Canadian
no one noticed
Bloody Trip - FOURTAPES Canadian
Tall Grass
The Interior - Tall Grass Canadian
Let Us All Down
Paul John Jeffrey - Nightrain Canadian New
Only Ghost Knows
Alexandre Farina - Hikikomori Canadian New
I'll Stay Quiet
Lexie - Beyond the Beauty Canadian
Butterflies and Rainbows
Paula Eve Kirman - The Crow Canadian New
Reine araign​é​e
Penelope Fortier - Je chante Petit​-​Jean Canadian New
Old Days
Fake Magic - Sad Dad Canadian
After This
July Talk - After This / Certain Father / Hold Canadian
Rivers Garcia - Santa Cruz Canadian
While You Wait
Milk Mouse - Have You Seen? Canadian
Memento Mori
Girlfriends and Boyfriends - Fallacy of Fairness Canadian
Paint It Red
Schedule 1 - Schedule 1 Canadian
Dear Dungeon Master
The Sheveled - All You Never Wanted Canadian New
Cold In September
Poltergeist - Cold In September Canadian
Monostrat - Single Canadian
Interactive CKCU
me again...I listen to a lot of The keeps me loose in genres....I live for Music!!!...& other stuff too!;-) Int.Act is a way to thank you & it makes real time radio Hot & Cool. ( as per Marshall McLuhan). jus sayin'... Peace

9:25 PM, February 23rd, 2023
y'all just banked this months cancon guidelines <3

9:39 PM, February 23rd, 2023
Without further ado, great show

9:42 PM, February 23rd, 2023