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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday November 4th, 2021 with Sean
Funding Drive 2021 (1/2)

Some fun tunes and begging for money. All 2021 releases (except for the 2022 release).
Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - Canadian
Secolo breve
Accordo dei contrari - UR - Cuneiform New
Master Builder
Gong - Live at the Gong Family Unconventional Gathering New
Squid / Octopus (new stereo remix)
Van der Graaf Generator - The Charisma Years 1970-1978 - Charisma New
Porcupine Tree - Closure / Continuation New
Psychic Police Force
Mahogany Frog - Mahogany Frog In The Electric Universe - Mafrogany Hog Canadian
Sequential Dreams - Chrysalis - Borders Edge Canadian
Ske - Insolubilia New
Walking Up That Valley
Needlepoint - Walking Up That Valley - BJK
Interactive CKCU
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8:40 PM, November 4th, 2021
RĂ©gis (host)
Count me in ! Hi to Sean and MK : )

8:45 PM, November 4th, 2021

8:59 PM, November 4th, 2021
I hope your well radio brother !

9:03 PM, November 4th, 2021
I am.. as with you..

9:04 PM, November 4th, 2021
well this track is killer. first time hearing it.

9:07 PM, November 4th, 2021
Sean McFee (host)
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far... one more show next week for Mark to bring it home :-D

12:37 PM, November 5th, 2021
Sequential Dreams
Thank you kindly for supporting local artists and playing Sequential Dreams!

2:18 PM, November 6th, 2021